2018 trades


In Season Trades


Post Draft Trades

50) Rhode Island drops Kenji Uehara and claims JJ Hardy

49) Point Loma gets Kyle Freeland and the Rifles' 2019 1st round pick

Springfield gets James Paxton

48) Alaska drops Nathan Evoldi and claims Gaven Cecchini

47) Stromboli gets Kevin Gausman, Kyle Gibson and the Kooks' 2019 2nd and 6th

Cadiff gets Drew Pomeranz and Kyle Barraclough

46) Houston drops Zach Duke, Tom Layne and Tony Sipp and claims Danny Espinoza, Homer Bailey and Brett Anderson

45) Garden State drops JJ Hardy claims Brandon Guyer

44) Macon drops Rafael Montero and Alex Wilson and claims Matt Grace and Jason Motte

43) New Castle drops Gavin Cecchini and claims Drew Butera

42) Point Loma drops Martin Prado and claims Richard Urena

41) Rhode Island drops Travis Jankowski, Richard Urena, Luis Cessa, Jeanmar Gomez and claims Michael Saunders, Trevor Plouffe, Ubaldo Jimenez and Sam Gaviglio

40) Fairfield drops Desmond Jennings and claims Ryder Jones

39) Jedi drops Melvin Upton and David Wright and claims Dusty Coleman and Jabari Blash

38) Pennsylvania gets Howie Kendrick

North gets Yandy Diaz

37) Alaska gets Raul Mondesi, Jose Peraza and the Knights' 2019 1st and 3rd round picks

Jedi gets Brian Dozier and Kennys Vargas

36) Rhode Island gets Andrew Benintendi

North gets Chris Taylor

35) Alaska gets Jordan Luplow and Kyle Schwarber

Jedi gets Matt Albers and Carlos Gonzalez

34) Maryland gets Trey Mancini, Manny Pina, Cory Spangenburg and James Shields

Jedi gets Justin Turner, J.A. Happ, Sean Doolittle and John Brebbia

33) Raritan gets Johan Carmago

Maryland gets Dustin Pedroia

32) Raritan gets Joey Gallo

Jedi gets Luis Severino


2018 Free Agent Silent Auction Results

Michigan gets Yasmany Tomas

Garden State gets the Blizzards' 2019 4th round pick


Springfield gets Ichiro Suzuki

Maryland gets the Rifles' 2018 10th round pick


Macon gets Mike Napoli

Parkside gets the Peaches' 2018 9th round pick


Raritan gets John Jaso

Alaska gets the Thunders' 2019 10th round pick


Lake Michigan gets Jose Bautista

Point Loma gets the Landsharks' 2018 7th round pick


Rhode Island gets Luis Cessa

Lake Michigan gets the Zyphers' 2018 7th round pick


North gets Howie Kendrick

Michigan gets the Polars' 2019 3rd round pick


Hillsboro gets Fernando Rodney

Stromboli gets the Mustangs' 2018 5th round pick (from Blacksburg)


Alaska gets Ehrie Adrianza

Stromboli gets the Outs' 2018 5th round pick


Macon gets Miguel Gonzalez

Michigan gets the Peaches' 2018 3rd round pick


Pennsylvania gets Michael Brantley

Hillsboro gets the Dutches' 2018 2nd round pick


Michigan gets Freddy Galvis

West Side gets the Blizzards' 2019 2nd round pick


Macon gets Melky Cabrera

Stromboli gets the Peaches' 2018 2nd round pick


Maryland gets Ryan Zimmerman

River City gets the Eagles' 2018 1st round pick


Macon gets DJ LeMahieu

River City gets the Peaches' 2018 1st round pick


Pre-Draft Trades

31) Hillsboro gets the Barons' 2018 6th-9th round picks

Houston gets the Mustangs' 2019 7th round pick

30) Macon gets Billy Hamilton

Jedi gets the Peaches'' 2019 2nd round pick

29) Macon gets Denard Span and Edison Volquz

Raritan gets the Peaches'' 2019 4th round pick

28) Stromboli gets Carlos Beltran

Raritan gets the Puppets' 2019 10th round pick

27) Stromboli gets Curtis Granderson

Parkside gets the Puppets' 2018 9th round pick

26) Stromboli gets Clayton Richard

Garden State gets the Zyphers' 2018 7th round pick

25) Stromboli gets Eddie Butler

Alaska gets the Puppets' 2018 8th round pick

24) North gets the Dutches' 2018 5th-8th round picks

Pennsylvania gets the Polars' 2019 4th round pick

23) Westside gets the Dutches' 2018 4th round pick

Pennsylvania gets the Wiseguys' 2019 4th round pick

22) Michigan gets David Peralta and the Paladins' 2018 5th round pick

Parkside gets the Blizzards' 2018 2nd round pick

21) North gets Charlie Blackmon and Ryan Madson

Rhode Island gets Daniel Mengden and the Polars' 2018 1st and 2019 1st round picks

20) Hillsboro gets Adam Lind

Parkside gets the Kooks' 2018 5th round pick

20) Westside gets Matt Moore and the Paladins' 2019 8th round pick

Parkside gets the Wiseguys' 2018 5th round pick

19) Point Loma gets the Paladins' 2018 3rd and 2019 3rd round picks

Parkside gets Nick Goody and Justin Wilson

18) Point Loma gets the Bobcats' 2018 1st round pick

Garden State gets Sonny Gray and Mike Clevinger

17) Alaska gets the Peaches' 2019 10th round pick

Macon gets Adam Rosales

16) Stromboli gets the Landsharks' 2018 7th-10th, the Zyphers' 2018 7th and the Polars' 2018 8th round picks

Lake Michigan gets Puppets' 2019 5th round pick

15) Alaska gets the Peaches' 2018 6th round pick

Macon gets Dan Otero, Alex Wilson, and  Francisco Liriano

14) Alaska gets Eddie Butler

North gets the Outs' 2018 8th round pick

13) Jedi gets Adrolis Chapman, Ken Giles and Buster Posey

Stromboli gets Dansby Swanson the Knights' 2018 1st round pick

12) North gets the Eagles' 2018 2nd and the Kooks' 2019 4th round picks

Cardiff gets Jacoby Ellsbury and the Polars' 2018 4th round pick

11) North gets Adam Warren

West Side gets Tyler Chatwood

10) Pennsylvania gets Daniel Murphy

Stromboli gets the Dutches' 2018 1st round pick

9) Garden State gets Jose Urena

Point Loma gets the Rifles' 2018 1st round pick

8) North gets JD Martinez

Hillsboro gets Gerrit Cole and Yolmer Sanchez

7) Westside gets Johnny Cueto

Stromboli gets the Wiseguys' 2018 2nd round pick

6) Parkside gets Nelson Cruz

Stromboli gets the Paladins' 2019 1st round pick

5) North gets Kevin Kiermaier

Raritan gets Gregory Polanco and Reynaldo Lopez

4) Cardiff gets Paul Goldschmidt and Brandon Kinztler

Raritan gets Nick Castellanos, Tim Anderson and the Kooks' 6th round pick

3) Cardiff gets Carlos Santana

New Castle gets Maikel Franco

2) Springfield gets Zach Davies, Mike Montgomery and the Blizzards' 2018 5th round pick

Michigan gets CJ Cron, Cody Allen and the Kooks' 2018 4th round pick (2017 trade 33)

1) Lake Michigan gets Alex Bregman and the Polars' 2018 6th - 8th round picks

North gets Logan Morrison, Chase Anderson, and Zach Godley


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