General rules

1. Play only through the end of each month--then report to Elly and opponents--before you begin playing the next month of the schedule.

2. NEVER zero out stats. Stat-keeping will be done on a cumulative basis.

3. Always start a game with the starting lineups set to human mode, so you can select the correct lineup and starting pitcher for your opponent.

4. Check The Miles playing schedule for the correct pitchers and any updated profiles prior to playing the series.

5. Always make sure you have the correct starting lineup and starting pitcher for your opponent.

6. For your opponent's starting pitchers who are split-grades, please make them Unavailable for the games they are not scheduled to start. (There is an 'Unavailable' option on the pitchers' screen.)

7. Always  make sure you are in the correct 'Month'  and 'Weather' setting before beginning a series.

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