2001 trades

1. Florida gets Aaron Boone
New Jersey gets Bill Mueller

2. Crimea gets David Wells
New Jersey gets Mark Grace

3. Delray gets Frankfort Square 4th and Frankfort Square 2002 1st
Frankfort Square gets Livan Hernandez

4. Florida gets Carlos Reyes and Steve Schrenk
New Jersey gets Florida 9th

5. Alaska gets Larry Sutton
Blacksburg gets Dennis Cook and Jedi 5th

6. Florida gets Kurt Abbott and Francisco Cordova
Frankford Square gets Todd Stotlemyre

posted 11-24-00
7. Chicago gets Mike Sirotka
Devon gets Rick Reed

8. Devon gets Woody Williams
New Jersey gets Kelvim Escobar

9. Devon gets Randy Johnson and Mike Remlinger
North gets Kevin Millwood

posted 11-27-00
10. Devon gets Jeff Frye and Aaron Sele
Rhode Island gets Karim Garcia, Jose Silva, Devon 2002 1st, and Devon 2002 3rd

11. Bug Tussle gets Hillsboro 7th
Rhode Island gets Bug Tussle 2002 7th

posted 12-1-00
12. Alaska gets Jeff Cirillo, Turk Wendell, and Alaska 6th
Jedi gets Tony Clark, Alaska 1st, and Maryland 4th

13. Delray gets Rhode Island 1st and Chicago 2nd
Rhode Island gets Jim Parque, Chris Stynes, and North 2nd

posted 12-2-00
14. Raritan gets Hillsboro 2nd and Rhode Island 5th
Rhode Island gets Rey Ordonez

posted 12-3-00
15. Rhode Island gets Roger Cedeno and Jason Varitek
Maryland gets Rhode Island 2nd, Rhode Island 3rd, and Rhode Island 4th

posted 12-4-00
16. Crimea gets John Wasdin, Eric Young, New Jersey 3rd, and Rhode Island 7th
Rhode Island gets Rod Beck and Denny Neagle

17. Alaska gets Parkside 3rd, Parkside 5th, and Rhode Island 2002 7th
Rhode Island gets Matt Stairs

posted 12-6-00
18. Alaska gets Will Clark
Delray gets Parkside 3rd

19. Maryland gets Benny Agbayani, Roger Clemens, and Rafael Palmeiro
North gets Bobby Abreu and Omar Daal

20. Alaska gets Jose Paniagua
Delray gets Dustin Hermanson

posted 12-10-00
21. Alaska gets Mike Stanley
Chicago gets Parkside 5th and Point Loma 7th

22. North gets Erubiel Durazo, Ryan Dempster, Jeff Zimmerman, and Parkside 2002 1st
Parkside gets Keith Foulke, Jorge Posada, and Bill Spiers

posted 12-16-00
23. Jedi gets Jay Bell and Dave Veres
North gets Steve Woodard and Jedi 2002 4th

posted on 12-19-00
24 Maryland gets Denny Neagle and Rhode Island 2002 5th
Rhode Island gets Hideo Nomo and Maryland 2002 2nd

posted on 1-18-01
25. Frankfort Square gets Parkside 2nd
Raritan gets Eric Karros

26. Frankfort Square gets Tim Worrell
Westside gets Parkside 2nd

posted on 1-22-01
27. Lake Michigan gets Westside 2002 4th
Westside gets Tim Crabtree and Lake Michigan 2002 5th

28. Alaska gets Al Leiter and Dennys Reyes
Broward gets Terry Shumpert, Alaska 2nd, and Alaska 2002 1st

posted on 1-30-01
29. Broward gets Steve Parris and Jedi 2nd
Delray gets Broward 2002 1st

30. Crimea gets Darryl Kile
Florida gets Billy Wagner and Crimea 1st

31. Point Loma gets Ozzie Guillen
New Jersey gets Point Loma 8th and Point Loma 2002 7th

32. Delray gets Frankfort Square 3rd, Frankfort Square 7th, and Frankfort Square 2002 2nd
Frankfort Square gets Mike Williams.

33. Rhode Island gets Ruben Rivera and Westside 2002 3rd
Westside gets Greg Myers, Troy O'Leary, and Rhode Island 2002 6th

posted on 02-02-01
34. Boca Raton gets  for Desi Relaford, Alaska 5th, Florida 6th, and Bug Tussle 2002 2nd
Bug Tussle gets Felix Rodriquez

posted on 02-05-01
35. Devon gets Butch Huskey, Arthur Rhodes, Jedi 6th, Parkside 6th, and, Rhode Island 6th
Rhode Island gets Ben Davis and Devon 2002 4th

36. New Castle gets Jason Schmidt
Point Loma gets Reggie Sanders, New Castle 4th, and New Castle 2002 6th

37. Florida gets Rhode Island 2002 2nd
Rhode Island gets Aaron Boone

posted on 02-10-01
38. Parkside gets Matt Williams
Raritan gets:Broward 4th and Parkside 2002 3rd

posted on 02-14-01
39. Lake Michigan gets North 2002 5th
North gets John Johnstone, Lake Michigan 7th, Lake Michigan 8th, and Lake Michigan 2002 6th

40. Crimea gets Joe Girardi and Alex Gonzalez
Florida gets A.J. Hinch and Crimea 2002 2nd

41. Delray gets Ken Hill and Vladimir Nunez
Florida gets Delray 2002 6th

42. Alaska gets Albert Belle, Andres Galarraga, and Brent Mayne
Chicago gets Shawn Green, Mark Johnson, Mike Stanley, Alaska 4th, and Alaska 2002 3rd

posted 02-18-01
43. Boca Raton gets Delray 2002 7th
Delray gets John Burkett

44. Bug Tussle gets New Castle 3rd
Rhode Island gets Bug Tussle 2002 3rd

post-draft trades

posted 3-13-01
45. Jedi gets Kazuhiro Sasaki
Raritan gets John Rocker and Jedi 2nd

46. Chicago gets Peter Bergeron, Sean Casey, Ismael Valdes, and Jedi 1st
Jedi gets Ken Griffey Jr. and Dean Palmer

47. Jedi gets Pedro Astacio, Curt Leskanic, Henry Rodriguez, and Randy Velarde
North gets Jose Cruz Jr., Octavio Dotel, Onan Masaoka, and Fernando Lunar

48. Hillsboro gets Derrick Bell and Raritan 2nd
Raritan gets B.J. Surhoff

49. Hillsboro gets Esteban Loiza and Henry Rodriguez
Jedi gets John Franco and Gil Heredia

50. Hillsboro gets Damian Easley
Maryland gets Sandy Alomar Jr.

51. Jedi gets Omar Olivares and Robin Ventura
Westside gets Dean Palmer and Kip Wells

52. Jedi gets Darryl Hamilton, Mickey Morandini, and Omar Vizquel
New Castle gets Craig Biggio, Tim Bogar, and Royce Clayton

53. Hillsboro gets Jason Christensen and Maryland 5th
Maryland gets Bob Wickman

54. New Jersey gets Todd Zeile and Parkside 4th
Parkside gets Tom Goodwin

posted 3-15-01
55. Blacksburg gets Manny Aybar
Crimea gets Marquis Grissom.

posted 3-16-01
56. Florida reclaims Gregg Jefferies, cuts Chris Fussell

posted 3-18-01
57. Florida gets Mike Fetters and Anthony Telford
New Jersey gets Mark  Loretta

58. Jedi gets Todd Zeile
New Jersey gets Scott Sullivan

posted 3-23-01
59. New Jersey reclaims John Mabry

posted 3-25-01
60. Chicago gets Raritan 4th
Raritan gets Mike Stanley

61. Westside reclaims Darren Oliver, cuts Seth Etherton

62. Raritan reclaims Matt Whisenant, cuts Scott Karl

63. Devon gets Tony Gwynn and Ramon E. Martinez
North gets Shawon Dunston and Devon 2nd

64. Alaska gets Rheal Cormier, Felipe Crespo, Mike Mussina, and North 3rd
North gets Brett Tomko, Aramis Ramirez, and Todd Walker

65. North reclaims Brian R. Hunter

66. Alaska gets Darren Lewis
Rhode Island gets Rheal Cormier and Alaska 6th

67. Delray gets Neifi Perez and Maryland 3rd
Maryland gets Frank Catalanatto and Jose Valentin

68. Delray reclaims Todd Greene and Ken Hill, cuts Matt Mieske

posted 3-27-01
69. Raritan cuts Matt  Whisenant

70. Maryland cuts Tom Lampkin

71. Florida cuts Gregg Jefferies

72. Jedi reclaims Sal Fasano and Hanley Frias, cuts Micky Morandini

73. Devon cuts Justin Thompson

posted 3-28-01
74. Hillsboro gets Andy Pettite and Raritan 5th
Raritan gets Esteban Loaiza and Cliff Politte

75. Hillsboro reclaims Pat Mahomes

2000 trades

1. Frankfort Square gets Miguel Tejada
Jedi gets Frankfort Square 1st

2. Florida gets Alex Gonzalez (Toronto)
Frankfort Square gets Eddie Perez and Florida 2001 3rd

3. Florida gets Rhode Island 2nd and Sayreville 7th
Rhode Island gets Jose Offerman

posted 12-10-99
4. Florida gets Carlos Castillo, Ray Durham, and Ben McDonald
Westside gets Ray Lankford and Jose Vizcaino

5. Frankfort Square gets Eric Karros, Hillsboro 2nd, and Frankfort Square 4th
Jedi gets Frank Catalanotto, John Franco, Reggie Sanders, Frankfort Square 2nd, 6th, and 8th

6.Jedi gets Jay Bell, Aaron Boone, Tom Gordon, and Mark McGwire
New Castle gets Carl Pavano, Placido Polanco, Reggie Sanders, Devon White, and New Castle 2nd and 3rd

7. Florida gets Jim Corsi, Al Leiter, and Chicago 2nd
Rhode Island gets Chuck Finley, Butch Huskey, and Florida 5th

8. Florida gets Pedro Astacio, Brad Ausmus, Sterling Hitchcock, and Mark Kotsay
Sayreville gets Sean Bergman, Pete Harnisch, Rickey Henderson, Tom Lampkin, and John Wetteland

posted 12-11-99
9. New Jersey gets Florida 1st, Bug Tussle 2nd, Hillsboro 5th, and Jedi 5th
Parkside gets Luis Gonzalez and Russ Springer

posted 12-17-99
10. Devon gets Jimmy Haynes and Steve Trachsel
Sayreville gets Mike Timlin and Devon 4th

11. Devon gets Eddie Perez
Frankfort Square gets Jimmy Haynes

posted 12-23-99
12. Jedi gets New Jersey 1st
New Jersey gets Aaron Boone and Robert Person

13. Delray gets Greg Norton, Jim Parque, Frankie Rodriguez, Raritan1st, Jedi 4th, Chicago 6th, Westside 6th, Parkside 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and Parkside 2001 1st
Parkside gets Brady Anderson, Kevin Brown, Greg Colbrunn, and Kevin Stocker

14. Delray gets Rich Becker and Hillsboro 4th
Frankfort Square gets Albie Lopez

posted 1-1-00
15. Delray gets Tony Batista, Frank Catalanotto, Ricky Ledee, Bill Pulsipher, Jedi 1st, Jedi 2001 2nd, Jedi 2001 3rd, and Jedi 2001 5th
Jedi gets Craig Biggio, Dennis Cook, Jose Hernandez, Trevor Hoffman, Larry Walker, and Masato Yoshii

posted 1-2-00
16. Delray gets Hillsboro 2nd and Frankfort Square 2001 2nd
Frankfort Square gets Lee Stevens

posted 1-4-00
17. Delray gets Donovan Osborne and Florida 5th
Rhode Island gets Dwight Gooden

18. North gets Andy Fox and Parkside 3rd
Parkside gets Harold Baines

posted 1-6-00
19. Parkside gets Curt Schilling
Raritan gets Parkside 2nd and Parkside 2001 2nd

20. Jedi gets Graeme Lloyd and Greg Vaughn
North gets Jay Bell and Frankfort Square 6th

21. Alaska gets Robb Nen and North 2001 1st
North gets Keith Foulke and Alaska 5th

22. New Jersey gets Carlos Reyes, Parkside 2001 4th, and Parkside 2001 5th
Parkside gets Donne Wall

23. New Jersey gets Bobby Hughes
Westside gets Rich Amaral and Delray 7th

posted 1-8-00
24. Florida gets Mark Loretta and Antonio Osuna
North gets Pedro Astacio.

25. Florida gets Jose Cruz, Eli Marrero, Rafael Medina, Frankfort Square 2000 3rd, Frankfort Square 2001 1st, and Florida 2001 3rd.
Frankfort Square gets Brad Ausmus, Sterling Hitchcock, Dave Justice, and Troy Percival

posted 1-9-00
26. Alaska gets New Castle 2001 8th
New Castle gets Carlos Hernandez

posted 1-10-99
27. Alaska gets Ricky Bottalico, Mark McGwire, and Jerry Spradlin
Jedi gets Alaska 1st, Jedi 2nd, and Alaska 2001 6th

posted 1-11-00
28. Rhode Island gets Sayreville 2001 3rd
Sayreville gets Terry Mulholland

29. Hillsboro gets Chuck Finley
Rhode Island gets John Rocker and Hillsboro 2001 2nd

30. New Jersey gets Pat Rapp
Rhode Island gets New Jersey 2001 3rd and Parkside 2001 5th

31. Delray gets Jamey Wright, North 2001 2nd, North 2001 5th
North gets Tony Gwynn

Posted 1-12-00
32. Jedi gets Mike Lieberthal
Raritan gets Todd Hundley, Jedi 7th, and Jedi 2001 1st

Posted 1-13-00
33. Broward gets Barry Larkin and Al Leiter
Florida gets Chris Gomez, Brad Woodall, Delray 1st, Sayreville 3rd, and Broward 2001 2nd

34. Florida gets Darryl Kile, Brian McRae, Chad Ogea, Frankfort Square1st, Alaska 1st, and Jedi 3rd
Jedi gets Jeff Bagwell, Wade Boggs, Chris Gomez, Tim Raines, and Ismael Valdes

35. Parkside gets Ron Gant
Rhode Island gets Parkside 2001 3rd and Parkside 2001 6th

36.  Jedi gets Royce Clayton, Henry Rodriquez, John Rocker, and Turk Wendell
Rhode Island gets Paul Bako, Carl Everett, Chris Gomez, Luis Ordaz, and Jedi 2001 6th

37. Alaska gets Matt Stairs and Sayreville 2001 4th
Sayreville gets Jason Christiansen and Russ Davis

posted 1-15-00
38. Parkside get Latroy Hawkins, North 1st, and New Jersey 2nd
Westside gets Gregg Olson, Tony Phillips, Brad Radke, and Broward 2nd

posted 1-17-00
39. Alaska gets Lenny Webster
New Castle gets New Castle 2001 8th

40. Broward gets Tom Glavine
Delray gets Broward 1st and Boca Raton 4th

posted 1-21-00
41. Rhode Island gets Bryce Florie
Westside gets New Jersey 5th

42. Lake Michigan gets Scott Spiezio
Sayreville gets Mike Benjamin

43. Bug Tussle gets Devon 2001 4th
Devon gets Jorge Fabregas

44. Florida gets Mike Matheny, Chicago 3rd, and Hillsboro 2001 4th
Hillsboro gets Sandy Alomar, Bill Haselman, and Jim Corsi

45. Devon gets T.J. Mathews
Frankfort Square gets Carlton Loewer and Devon 2001 5th

posted 1-26-00
46. Jedi gets New Castle 2nd and 3rd
New Castle gets Wade Boggs, Jose Hernandez, Manny Martinez, and Rhode Island 5th

posted 1-29-00
47. Chicago gets New Jersey 2nd
Parkside gets Alan Embree

48. Chicago gets New Castle 2nd
Jedi gets Scott Sullivan

posted 2-2-00
49. Chicago gets Lake Michigan 1st
Westside gets Kenny Lofton

50. Alaska gets Delray 2001 3rd and Jedi 2001 5th
Delray gets Todd Greene

posted 2-6-00
51. Jedi gets Marvin Benard
North gets Henry Rodriguez

posted 2-11-00
52. New Castle gets Dave Martinez
Parkside gets New Castle 4th and Rhode Island 5th

posted 2-13-00
53. Broward gets New Castle 7th, Sayreville 7th, and Florida 2001 5th
Florida gets Ken Hill.

posted 2-17-00
54. Lake Michigan gets North 7th, North 8th, Florida 9th, and North 9th
North gets Trenidad Hubbard

55. Alaska gets New Jersey 6th
Rhode Island gets Alaska 2001 7th

56. Lake Michigan gets North 2nd
North gets Dave Nilsson

posted 2-26-00
57. Raritan gets Rhode Island 7th, Rhode Island 8th, Rhode Island 11th, and Rhode Island 12th
Rhode Island gets Raritan 2001 8th

58. Alaska gets Terry Steinbach
Rhode Island gets Alaska 2001 8th, Alaska 2001 9th, Alaska 2001 10th, and Alaska 2001 11th

posted 3-1-00
59. Alaska gets Hillsboro 2001 7th
Hillsboro gets Jerry Spradlin

60. Devon gets Chicago 5th
Westside gets North 2001 4th

61. Rhode Island gets Greg McMichael
Westside gets Darryl Strawberry

62. Parkside gets Westside 2001 5th
Westside gets Rhode Island 5th

63. Bug Tussle gets Esteban Yan
Westside gets Bug Tussle 2001 7th

64. Alaska gets Reggie Jefferson
Rhode Island gets Hillsboro 2001 7th

posted 3-3-00
65. Alaska gets Dennis Cook
Jedi gets Alaska 2001 3rd

66. Devon gets New Castle 5th and Parkside 5th
New Castle gets Alex Arias

67. Lake Michigan gets Tim Crabtree and Devon 5th
Westside gets Lake Michigan 4th

68. Alaska gets Eric Davis
Raritan gets New Jersey 6th and Alaska 6th

69. Alaska gets gets Derek Lowe, Gabe White, Raritan 3rd, and Point Loma 2001 6th
Point Loma gets Alex Gonzalez, Ricky Bottalico, Alaska 4th, Chicago 4th, New Castle 8th, Alaska 9th, Alaska 10th, Alaska 12th, and North 2001 1st

70. Broward gets Dan Naulty, Yorkis Perez, Delray 8th, Delray 9, Delray 10, Parkside 8th, Parkside 9th, and Parkside10th
Delray gets Broward 2001 4th

Post-draft trades

posted 3-19-00
71. New Jersey gets Todd Jones
Sayreville gets Al Levine

72. Jedi gets Daren Erstad
Westside gets Scott Williamson

73. Lake Michigan gets Chris Holt
Westside gets David Lee

74. Raritan gets Julian Tavares
Sayreville gets Raritan 2001 6th

75. Boca Raton cuts Bobby Smith, reclaims John Burkett

76. Raritan gets Bruce Aven, Jeromy Burnitz, and Sayerville 2001 2nd
Sayerville gets Jose Canseco, Alex Ochoa, Raritan 2001 3rd, and Raritan 2001 4th

77. Jedi reclaims John Franco
Raritan gets John Franco
Jedi gets Raritan 2001 7th

posted 3-21-00
78. Alaska gets Bob Wells
Jedi gets Delray 2001 3rd and Alaska 2001 5th

79. Bug Tussle reclaims Luis Lopez
Bug Tussle gets Alaska 2001 5th
Jedi gets Hanley Frias

posted 3-22-00
80. Sayreville reclaims Sean Bergman
Raritan gets Sean Bergman
Sayreville gets John Franco

81. Alaska gets Hillsboro 2001 10th
Hillsboro gets Reggie Jefferson

82. Delray reclaims Jeff Frye
Alaska gets Jeff Frye
Delray gets Point Loma 2001 6th

83. Alaska gets Point Loma 2001 7th
Point Loma gets Felix Heredia, cuts Mendy Lopez

posted 3-29-00
84. Florida gets Gregg Jefferies
Raritan gets Hillsboro 2001 4th

85. Lake Michigan cuts Mike Simms, reclaims Carlos Baerga

86. Hillsboro gets John Franco
Sayreville gets Reggie Jefferson

posted 3-30-00
87. Alaska gets Jeff Blauser
Rhode Island gets Jeff Frye

posted 3-31-00
88. Boca Raton gets Broward 2001 1st and Broward 2001 3rd
Broward gets Raul Mondesi

89. Broward cuts Jose Mesa

90. Boca Raton reclaims Bobby Smith

91. Florida cuts Rafael Medina

92. Delray gets Antonio Alfonseca
Parkside gets Scott Sauerbeck and Broward 2001 4th

93. Blacksburg gets Preston Wilson
Parkside gets Orlando Merced and Blacksburg 2001 1st

94. Jedi gets Bernard Gilkey and Raritan 2001 4th
Sayreville gets Joe McEwing

95. Florida gets Darin Erstad and Delray 3rd
Jedi gets Jose Cruz Jr and Broward 2nd

96. Raritan cuts Mike Myers

97. Hillsboro cuts Bobby M. Jones

98. Jedi gets Luis Alicea and Stan Javier
North gets Russ Johnson

99. North reclaims Dave Magadan

100. Jedi cuts Lance Johnson
  nard Gilkey and Raritan 2001 4th
Sayreville gets Joe McEwing

95. Florida gets Darin Erstad and Delray 3rd
Jedi gets Jose Cruz Jr and Broward 2nd

96. Raritan cuts Mike Myers

97. Hillsboro cuts Bobby M. Jones

98. Jedi gets Luis Alicea and Stan Javier
North gets Russ Johnson

99. North reclaims Dave Magadan

100. Jedi cuts Lance Johnson