2003 trades

posted 4-9-03

88. BBB cuts Greg Swindell and reclaims Chris Truby.

posted 4-8-03

87. BLA cuts Corey Bailey and reclaims David Segui.

86. JED gets Pokey Reese and Bubba Trammell.
WSW gets Mike Hampton and Jeromy Burnitz.

85. MLD cuts Denny Neagle.

84. FLO cuts Tony Tarasco.

83. RRT reclaims Luis Alicea.

posted 4-5-03

82. NCN gets Kelvin Escobar, Brian Meadows and and NOR 2004 6th.
NOR gets Ryan Franklin and Giovanni Carrara.

81. HIL cuts Keith Osik and reclaims Jolbert Cabrera.

80. HIL gets Dewayne Wise, Damian Rolls, Gary Mathews Jr. and JED 2004 6th.
JED gets Jeromy Burnitz, Kevin Young and Mike Kinkade.

79. JED gets Josh Phelps and Jacque Jones.
RRT gets Carlos Beltran and NCN 2004 1st.

78. HIL gets Keith Osik.
CRC gets Kelly Stinnett

77. NJD cuts Ron Coomer and reclaims Kerry Robinson.

76. FSR gets David Justice and NCN 2004 3rd and 4th.
NCN gets Brian Daubach

posted 4-4-03

75. FFF gets Chipper Jones.
JED gets Carlos Beltran

74. FFF gets Ty Wiggington.
NJD gets Mo Vaughn and FLO 2004 4th

73. FLO gets Tim Salmon.
BOC gets Darin Erstad

72. NCN gets Desi Relaford.
FLO gets Troy O'Leary and Wil Cordero

71. DEV reclaims Enrique Wilson

70. JED gets Placido Polanco, Gary Mathews Jr., Damian Rolls, John Smoltz and NCN 2004 1st
NCN gets Edgardo Alfonzo, Steve Reed, Tim Worrell, David Justice and Damion Easley

posted 3-30-03

69. BLA cuts Dave Burba reclaims Chris Carpenter

68. HIL gets Bob Howry.
NOR gets Brian Meadows

posted 3-29-03

67. JED gets Dewayne Wise, Bret Boone and Trevor Hoffman.
FFF gets Mo Vaughn, Craig Biggio, Kenny Rogers

66. NOR gets Mark McLemore.
BLA gets Omar Daal

65. JED gets Jamey  Carroll.
HIL gets Miguel Cairo

64. NOR gets Keith Foulke, Ted Lilly, Andy Fox and Tony Graffanino.
JED gets Edgardo Alfonzo, David Justice, Miguel Cairo and Kenny Rogers

63. DEV gets Albert Pujols, Barry Zito and Aaron Harang.
JED gets Barry Bonds, Randy Johnson and Arthur Rhodes

62. DEV gets Carlos Zambrano and MLD 2004 4th.
MLD gets Benji Molina and Rick Reed

61. ALA gets Juan Uribe.
NOR gets Eric Milton

60. DEL gets Orlando Merced.
BLA gets Jon Lieber

Post-Draft Trades above

posted 3-15-03

59. DEV gets BUG 2004 5th.
BUG gets DEV 2003 6th and 7th.

58. DEL gets Luis Vizcaino, and Raul Mondesi.
BBB gets Antonio Alfonseca and DEL 2003 3rd and DEL 2004 4th

posted 3-14-03

57. BUG gets BBB 2003 6th, JED 2003 6th, PKS 2003 7th and 8th and HIL 2003 8th - 12th.
HIL gets BUG 2004 6th - 8th.

56. CRC gets Mariano Rivera, Robin Ventura, JT Snow and Aaron Rowand.
HIL gets Russell Branyan, Raul Ibanez, CRC 2003 2nd and 3rd.

posted 3-13-03

55. RIB gets DEV 2004 6th.
DEV gets RIB 2003 6th.

54. CRC gets Tony Batista and Vladimir Nunez.
DEL gets CRC 2003 1st and CRC 2004 4th.

posted 3-4-03

53. CRC gets Esteban Loaiza, Joey Hamilton and Dennis Cook.
BLA gets CRC 2003 4th.

posted 3-2-03

52. NCN gets Chris Singleton and PKS 2004 2nd.
PKS gets PKS 2003 2nd, RIB 2003 4th, NCN 2003 4th, NCN 2004 6th and NCN 2004 8th.

posted 2-18-03

51. NOR gets Miguel Cairo.
RRT gets Chad Hermanson and NOR 2004 5th.

posted 1-21-03

50. JED gets Paul Byrd and JED 2003 3rd.
RIB gets Tim Wakefield.

posted 1-18-03

49. PKS gets Shane Spencer.
HIL gets FSR 2003 5th.

posted 1-12-03

48. RIB gets Kevin Millar, Frank Castillo and CRC 2004 3rd.
CRC gets Mike Lieberthal, Bobby J. Jones and RIB 2003 3rd.

posted 1-8-03

47. NJD gets Gabe White.
RRT gets NJD 2003 5th and NJD 2004 4th.

posted 1-7-03

46. NJD gets Ryan Rupe and WSW 2003 6th.
WSW gets Bill Mueller.

45. FSR gets DEL 2003 5th.
NCN gets Brian L. Hunter.

FA Draft Results posted 1-6-03


JED gets Tim Wakefield;  BUG gets BUG 2003 # 2

NOR gets Frank Catalanotto;  HIL gets FLO 2003 # 3
JED gets Damian Easley;  HIL gets LML 2003 # 4
NCN gets Bruce Chen;  WSW gets DEL 2003 # 4
RIB gets Todd Hundley;  HIL gets BUG 2003 # 5
NJD gets Nelson Figueroa;  HIL gets NJD 2004 # 6 (six)
NCN gets Travis Lee;  BUG gets NCN 2003 # 3
CRC gets Frank Castillo;  DEV gets CRC 2003 # 5
CRC gets Hiram Bocachia;  NOR gets CRC 2004 # 6 (six)
CRC gets Branson Arroyo;  PKS gets CRC 2004 # 10
HIL gets Juan Acevedo; NOR gets HIL 2003 # 3
HIL gets Chris Reitsma; WSW gets HIL 2004 # 2
FSR gets Jose Santiago;  PKS gets FSR 2003 # 5
FSR gets Aaron Fultz;  NCN gets DEL 2003 # 5

posted 1-6-03

44. FLO gets Jeff Bagwell, Kaz Sasaki, Lou Pote and PLS 2003 4th.
PLS gets Mark Kotsay, Geoff Jenkins and FLO 2004 2nd.

posted 1-2-03

43. RRT gets Mike Young, Ryan Dempster.
NOR gets Phil Nevin and DEV 2003 3rd.

posted 12-30-02

42. NJD gets Joe Kennedy and Brent Mayne.
JED gets Benito Santiago and NJD 2004 5th.

posted 12-28-02

41. NCN gets Mark Loretta.
JED gets Joe Kennedy

posted 12-26-02

40. RRT gets Einar Diaz and Carlos Febles.
JED gets Jason LaRue.

posted 12-25-02

39. NCN gets Tom Glavine and Marty Cordova.
FLO gets Royce Clayton and FSR 2003 1st.

posted 12-24-02

38. NJD gets Shane Reynolds and FLO 2003 6th.
JED gets Mark Loretta.

posted 12-23-02

37. NCN gets Nomo and Del 2003 4th.
JED gets Carlos Febles, Shane Reynolds, Mike Hampton, BUG 2003 2nd, FLO 2003 6th, NCN 2003 6th thru 10th picks.

posted 12-22-02

36. ALA gets Corey Patterson, Brad Wilkerson.
NOR gets Jim Edmonds and David Ortiz.

posted 12-18-02

35. NCN gets Sammy Sosa, Troy O'Leary, Craig Counsell and DEL 2004 3rd.
JED gets Chipper Jones, Tony Graffanino and Jose Hernandez.

posted 12-17-02

34. RRT gets Carlos Lee, Tony Armas, Felix Rodriquez and DEL 2003 1st.
JED gets Kirk Rueter, Steve Reed, Jason Tyner and Sammy Sosa.

33. DEL gets Larry Walker, Jeff Kent,  Paul LoDuca, Joe Randa, Omar Vizquel, Curt Shilling, A Leiter and Ben Weber
JED gets Albert Pujols, Barry Zito, Tony Armas, Brent Mayne, Craig Biggio, Craig Counsell, Einar Diaz, Ted Lilly and DEL 2003 1st and DEL 2003 4th.

posted 12-16-02

32. FLO gets Steve Finley and NCN 2003 1st
NCN gets Ben Grieve, Bill Haselman, FSR 2003 1st and FLO 2003 6th

31. BUG gets Cesar Izturis
CRC gets Ugeth Urbina

posted 12-11-02

30. FFF gets David Wells, Guillermo Mota, PKS 2003 4th and FLO 2004 4th.
JED gets Mike Stanton and Chuck Finley

posted 12-10-02

29. NOR gets Greg Colbrunn, and Kelvim Escobar
JED gets Andy Fox, Guillermo Mota and FLO 2004 4th

posted 12-09-02

28. FFF gets Carlos Beltran and Danny Bautista
JED gets Shawn Green and Carlos Lee

27. RRT gets Helling
WSW gets Jeff Liefer and Todd Richie

26. DEL gets Craig Counsell, Matt Clement RIB 2004 1st
JED gets C. Beltran, Troy O'Leary , Ben Weber, PKS 2003 4th  and DEL 2004 3rd

posted 12-08-02

25. RIB gets Tim Raines, Randy Winn, Troy Percival, Jose Vizcaino JED 2004 3rd and JED 2004 5th
JED gets David Wells, Mo Vaughn RIB 2004 1st and LML 2003 4th

posted 12-07-02

24. NJD gets John Burkett
JED gets Kelvin Escobar

23. NJD gets Damian Jackson
JED gets Danny Bautista

posted 12-06-02

22. HIL gets Terrance Long, Shane Spencer and PKS 2003 8th
PKS gets Doug Glanville and HIL 2003 2nd.

posted 12-05-02

21. JED gets Latroy Hawkins, Matt Clement and Jose Vizciano
WSW gets Bartolo Colon and Jermaine Dye

20. MLD gets Kenny Lofton, Marlon Anderson and Scott Williamson
WSW gets MLD 2003 5th and MLD 2004 1st

posted 12-04-02

19. Jed gets Orlando Hernandez, John Olerud, Bernie Williams, Craig Counsell and Almando Almanza
HIL gets Jason Giambi, Robin Ventura, Jeromy Burnitz, Kelly Stinnett, Mike Kinkade and Kevin Appier

posted 12-03-02

18. Alaska gets Ruben Quevedo
Westside gets Matt LeCroy

posted 12-01-02

17. New Castle gets Giovanni Carrera
Frankfort gets NCN 2004 5th

16. Parkside gets RIB 2003 2nd and Darren Oliver
Rhode Island gets Alex Cora, Scott Sauerbeck and LML 2003 4th

posted 11-30-02

15. Parkside gets MLD 2003 2nd
Maryland gets Mike Williams

posted 11-27-02

14. Alaska gets Jason Bere and Jerrod Riggan
New Castle gets Wil Cordero, Tony Graffanino and Todd Greene

posted 11-26-02

13. Alaska gets DEL 2004 5th
Delray gets Brent Mayne

12. Alaska gets LML 2004 2nd, BOC 2003 5th and PKS 2003 5th
Parkside gets Jeff Cirillo and Jimmy Haynes

posted 11-25-02

11. Frankfort gets DEL 2003 5th
Delray gets Jon Lieber

10. North gets Chad Hermanson and FLO 2004 4th
Florida  gets Olmedo Saenz

9. Lake Michigan gets Mike Redmond, Damaso Marte and J.C.Romero and PKS 2004 4th
Parkside  gets Paul Bako, Wilton Guerrero, FSR 2003 2nd, LML 2003 3rd and 4th, LML 2004 2nd and 3rd.

posted 11-22-02

8. Florida gets Rob Nen, Joey Eishen and Steve Kline
Alaska  gets Ruben Mateo, FLO 2003 5th and 2004 1st.

7. Florida gets Marty Cordova
Frankfort  gets FLO 2003 4th and 7th

6. North gets Alan Embree
Frankfort  gets Rocky Biddle, NOR 2003 7th

5. Parkside gets Mike Redmond
Frankfort  gets PKS 2004 3rd

4. Lake Michigan gets Ellis Burks
Frankfort  gets Matt Wise, Mark Lincoln, LML 2003 2nd and 5th, NOR 2003 6th and PKS 2003 6th

3. Jedi gets Joe Randa, Randy Winn, Kevin Appier, Jeff Nelson, Hideo Nomo, Troy Percival and Tim Worrell
Frankfort  gets Corey Koskie, Shawn Estes, Victor Zambrano and JED 2004 1st, 2nd and 4th round picks

2. Lake Michigan gets Parkside 2004 7th
Parkside  gets Lake Michigan 2003 7th

1. Crimea gets Mike Mussina
Alaska  gets Adrian Beltre