2004 trades

posted 03-31-04

47. Parksides  drops Omar Daal and reclaims Scott Elarton.

posted 03-23-04

46. Parksides  drops Scott Elarton and Denny Stark and reclaims Jimmy Haynes and Shawn Estes. 

45. New Jersey gets Jeff Conine
Hillsboro welcomes back Frank Catalanotto and gets NJD 2005 4th and HIL 2005 5th. 


posted 03-07-04

44. Bug Tussle gets Old JED 2004 6th, BUG 2004 7th and HIL 2004 7th
Hillsboro gets BUG 2005 6th and 7th. 

posted 03-05-04

43. New Jersey gets NJD 2004 6th
Hillsboro gets NJD 2005 6th. 

42. Jedi gets ALA 2005 4th
Alaska gets Damian Miller. 

41. Jedi gets Chan Ho Park, Todd Van Poppel, Carlos Baerga, Shannon Stewart and Adrian Beltre
Alaska gets Willis Roberts, Brent Abernathy, Johnny Damon, Dmitri Young and Jeremy Affeldt

40. Blacksburg gets HIL 2004 6th
Hillsboro gets Michael Tejera. 

posted 02-29-04

39. Jed gets Ichiro and Jason Giambi
Raritan gets Jim Thome, Jay Gibbons and Dustan Mohr. 

posted 01-18-04

38. Jedi gets Mark Mulder, Matt LeCroy
Westside gets Ben Sheets, Tom Glavine, Troy Glaus and Jorge Julio. 

posted 01-01-04

37. North gets JED 2004 2nd
Parkside gets Carlos Pena. 

posted 12-28-03

36. Raritan gets PKS 2004 5th
Parkside gets Bobby Higginson. 

35. Frankfort gets ALA 2004 4th
Crimea gets FSR 2004 5th and 6th, NCN 2004 5th and JED 2004 6th.

posted 12-23-03

34. Jedi gets Grant Roberts, Jorge Julio and Luis Castillo
Central gets Roberto Alomar, Eric Karros and Terry Adams.

posted 12-22-03

33. Free Agent Draft Results:
NOR gets Mike Sweeney, FSR gets NOR 2004 1st.
JED gets Johnny Damon, CJF gets NJD 2004 1st.
NOR gets Robin Ventura, CRC gets "Old Jed" 2004 3rd.
PKS gets Omal Daal, BLA  gets JED 2004 5th.
PKS gets Scott Elarton, PLS get JED 2004 7th.
ALA gets Jared Wright, CJF gets ALA 2004 10th.
FSR gets Rob Bell, CJF gets FSR 2004 7th.
CRC  gets Jeremy Burnitz,  WSW gets CRC 2005 2nd.
JED  gets Al Leiter, DEV  gets "Old LML" 2004 3rd.
RIBZ gets Dave Roberts, NOR gets RIBZ 2004 5th.
RRT gets Brett Tomko, NOR  gets  2005 5th.
PKS  gets Shawn Estes, FSR gets JED 2004 6th.
CJF  gets Jeff Cirillo, PKS  gets CJF 2005 8th.
NCN gets Doug Glanville, PKS gets NCN 2005 8th.
RRT  gets Terrance Long, HIL  gets RRT 2005 4th.
FSR  gets Aaron Rowand, CRC  gets ALA 2004 4th
HIL gets Tom and Jack Wilson, NOR  gets HIL 2004 4th.

posted 12-15-03

32. Parkside gets Darin Erstad, JED 2004 2nd, 2004 5th through 12th and JED 2005 2nd
Jedi gets Frank Thomas, Dustan Mohr, Jeremy Affeldt and PKS 2005 4th and  5th.

posted 12-14-03

31. Raritan gets Adam Eaton, JD Drew and Todd Greene
Jedi gets Jay Gibbons, Eric Karros and Reggie Taylor.

posted 12-11-03

30. Alaska gets RIB 2004 2nd
Rhode Island gets Carl Everett.

posted 12-10-03

29. New Jersey gets Derek Jeter, Brook Fordyce, Jared Sandberg, Rany Winn, Gary Knotts and Jed 2004 1st
Jedi gets Rafael Furcal, Damian Miller, Rey Sanchez, Brad Penny and NJD 2004 1st.

posted 12-06-03

28. North gets NCN 2004 2nd, CRC 2004 3rd, Old Jed 3rd
Rhode Island gets Jose Cruz Jr. and Alan Embree.

posted 11-26-03

27. Jedi gets Carlos Beltran and Old LML 3rd
Raritan gets Torii Hunter and Jarrod Washburn.

posted 11-23-03

26. Jedi gets Aaron Boone, Randy Winn, Brian Fuentes and Mike Bordick
Rhode Island gets Brian Roberts, D'Angelo Jimenez, Ben Petrick, Matt Anderson, NCN 2004 2nd and JED 2005 4th.

25. New Jersey gets PKS 2004 6th, 8th thru 12th, NCN 2004 6th and 8th
Parkside gets David Bell, Ryan Rupe, Joe Mays and Mike Crudale.

posted 11-21-03

24. New Jersey gets HIL 2005 5th
Hillboro gets Joe Kennedy.

23. Jedi gets Jason Kendall, Jarrod Washburn and Derek Jeter
Central gets Adam Everett, Rich Aurilia and PLS 2004 1st (5th pick in the draft).

posted 11-20-03

22. North gets Todd Walker
New Jersey gets Frank Catalanotto.

21. Jedi gets Rich Aurilia and Jolbert Cabrera
Hillsboro gets Jeff Conine and Keith Ginter.

posted 11-19-03

20. Devon gets RIB 2004 3rd, 4th and 8th
Rhode Island gets Jeremy Giambi and Ramon Ortiz and DEV 2004 7th and 8th.

19. Devon gets PKS 2004 2nd and Old DEL 4th
Jedi gets Roberto Alomar and Jeff Conine.

posted 11-15-03

18. Parkside gets Carlos Febles, Jacques Jones and Glendon Rusch
Raritan gets Jason Marquis, Kevin Duckworth and Old LML 3rd.

posted 11-14-03

17. Central gets Steve Trachsel and Vinnie Castillia
Devon gets Jose Guillen, Oliver Perez and CFJ 2004 3rd.

posted 11-13-03

16. Alaska gets Brad Radke, Bill Mueller, Ramon Vazquez and Scott Eyre
Westside gets Corey Patterson, Juan Uribe and Old FLO 1st

15. Fairfield gets John Lackey and JED 2004 3rd
Jedi gets Dimitri Young and Guillermo Mota

posted 11-12-03

14. Parkside gets Dan Wright and Craig Counsell
New Castle gets PKS 2005 3rd

posted 11-11-03

13. Devon gets Sean Burroughs
Parkside gets Barry Zito

posted 11-09-03

12. New Castle gets Jason Johnson
Frankfort gets NCN 2005 3rd.

11. Alaska gets Carlos Baerga
Frankfort gets Kirk Saarloos and ALA 2004 4th.

10. Point Loma gets Nick Johnson, JED 2004 4th and NOR 2004 6th
JED gets David Riske and PLS 2004 1st.

posted 11-08-03

9. New Castle gets Runelvys Hernandez,  Juan Encarnacion, Dan Wilson, Brandon Lyon and Dan Wright
JED gets PKS 2004 2nd, NOR 2004 6th, Brook Fordyce, Tom Glavine and Willis Roberts.

posted 11-06-03

8. Raritan gets Aramis Ramirez
North gets Melvin Mora.

7. Devon  gets Old DEL 3rd
New Castle gets David Weathers.

6. Raritan gets Jason Giambi
Hillsboro gets NCN 2004 1st and Carlos Lee.

5. New Castle gets Julio Lugo
Jedi gets Todd Greene and NCN 2004 2nd.

posted 11-05-03

4. Fairfield gets HIL 2004 1st and Matt Clement
Hillsboro gets Mark Grudzielanek, Cristian Guzman, Danys Baez, Old LML 2nd and FFF 2004 5th.

posted 11-04-03

3. Fairfield gets Old LML 2004 2nd and Karim Garcia
Alaska gets Sean Casey

2. Alaska gets MAC 2004 4th
Macon gets Tony Clark and Ruben Mateo

1. Devon gets Wade Miller and Carl Pavano
New Castle gets Brian Giles

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