2005 trades

Post-Draft Trades

61. Crimea Reclaims  Alex S. Gonzalez

60. Parkside Gets Tony Batista

Crimea Gets The Paladins 2006 7th Round

59. Alaska Gets Eric Young

Crimea Gets Bill Mueller

58. Raritan Cuts Einar Diaz

57. Bobcats Get Adam Eaton, Tomo Okha and the Thunder's 2006 1st Round

Raritan Gets Kerry Wood and Tim Hummel

56. Alaska Gets The Thunder's 2006 9th Round

Raritan Gets Amaury Telemaco

55. Alaska Reclaims  Amaury Telemaco

54. Juneau Cuts Damian Rolls

53. Alaska Gets Rey Sanchez and the Knights 2006 12th Round

Jedi Gets The Outs 2006 10th Round

52. Raritan Reclaims Einar Diaz and My name "Jose Jimenez"

51. Raritan Gets Roger Clemens and the Inuit 2006 5th Round

Juneau Gets CC Sabathia and Jason Marquis

50. Raritan Gets Barry Larkin

Alaska Gets Terrance Long

49. Raritan Gets Chris Carpenter and Willie Harris

Jedi Gets Glendon Rusch, Tony Armas and Jose Reyes

48. Point Loma Gets Livan Hernandez and Tim Raines Jr.

Jedi Gets Kris Benson and Danny Kolb

47. Alaska Gets Olmedo Saenz

North Gets Charles Johnson

46. Alaska Gets Aaron Ledezma and Calvin Pickering

Jedi Gets Richard Hidalgo and Tanyon Strutze


45. Hillsboro Gets The Paladins 2006 6th Round

Parkside Gets the Mustangs' 2005 7th thru 12th Rounds, the Puppets 7th Round and the Crocs' 10th Round

44. Hillsboro Gets Miguel Batista

Raritan Gets the Mustangs' 2005 5th and 6th Round, the Bobcats 6th Round and the Puppets' 6th Round

43. Crimea Gets the Raptor's 2005 5th thru 9th Round

Frankfort Gets the Crocs' 2005 4th Round

42. Blacksburg Gets the Outs' 2005 6th Round

Alaska Gets Charles Johnson

41. Crimea Gets Ken Giffey Jr. and the Zephyrs 2005 6th

Rhode Island Gets Jeromy Burnitz

40. New Castle Gets Al Leiter and the Knights 2006 3rd

Jedi Gets Wil Ledezma and the Wiseguys' 2005 3rd Round and the Nitehawks' 2006 2nd Round

39. Westside Gets Ron Mahay

Alaska Gets Chad Moeller and the Polars' 2005 4th Round

38. New Castle Gets Gabe Kapler

Parkside Gets the Nitehawks' 2005 5th Round

37. Results of the Free Agent Silent Auction are as follows:
1) CRC gets Brian Jordan
    GSB gets  CRC 2005  #9
2) CRC gets Raul Mondesi
    HIL gets  CRC 2005  #10
3) CRC gets Tomas Perez
    PKS gets  CRC 2006  #8
4) CRC gets  Brandon Lyons
    NCN gets CRC  2006  #10
5) CRC gets Mike Koplove
    NOR gets  CRC 2005  #6
6) GSB gets Toby Hall
    CRC gets  GSB 2005  #3
7) GSB gets David Berg
    PKS gets GSB 2006  #9
8) RIB gets Desi Relaford
    NCN gets RIB 2006  #4
9) RIB gets Eric Munson
    NOR gets PKS 2005  #5
10) JEDI gets Willie Harris
      WSW gets RIB 2005  #3
11) NOR gets Tim Redding
      WSW gets NOR  2005  #5
12) NOR gets Jason Davis
      WSW gets NOR 2005  #4
13) WSW gets Mark Grudzielanik
      HIL gets  WSW 2005  #4
14) WSW gets Jason Giambi
      NCN gets WSW  2005  #3
15) HIL gets Craig Biggio
      FFF gets HIL 2005  #3

36. Zephyrs Get David Wells

Foxes Gets The Inuit's 2005 2nd Round and the Zephyrs' 2005 5th Round

35. Zephyrs Get Matt Mantei, Mike Timlin, Jay Payton and the Inuit's 2005 2nd Round

Juneau Gets Troy Percival and the Zephyr's 2005 4th and 8th Rounds and the Knight's 2005 4th Round

34. Alaska Gets Ray King

Juneau Gets Dimitri Young and the Outs 2005 7th Round

33. Zephyrs Get Milton Bradley, Brad Penny, Keith Foulke, Adrian Beltre and the Paladins 2005 5th Round

Jedi Gets Pedro "ugh a Met" Martinez, David "Ding Dong" Bell, Carlos Beltran, Alan Embree, the Crocs 2005 1st Round, The Zephyrs 2005 3rd Round

32. Nitehawks Get Magglio Ordonez

Crocs Get Sammy Sosa

31. Thunder Gets Jose Reyes, the Zephyrs 2005 1st Round, the Paladins 2005 4th Round

Parkside Gets Jarrod Washburn and the Thunder's 2005 1st and 6th Rounds

30. Bobcats Get Jon Garland and the Foxes 2005 6th Round

Parkside Gets Garret Anderson

29. Alaska Gets Octavio Dotel and Julio Lugo

Jedi Gets Tom Gordon and Robby Hammock

28. Nitehawks Get Darin Erstad and the Paladin's 2006 5th Round

Parkside Gets Tomas Perez, the Knights 2005 3rd Round, the Paladin's 2005 4th Round, The Foxes 2005 6th Round and the Nitehawks' 2005 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th Rounds,

27. Zephyrs Get David Bell, Rafael Soriano and Ben Davis

Parkside Gets The Zephyrs 2005 1st Round

26. Alaska Gets Barry Larkin

Macon Gets Adam Melhuse

25. Hillsboro Gets The Wiseguy's 2005 1st Round

Raptors Get The Mustangs' 2006 1st Round

24. Puppets Get Melvin Mora, Francisco Cordero and the Polars 2005 3rd Round

North Gets Josh Phelps and the Puppets 2005 1st Round

23. Hillsboro Gets Bartolo Colon

Wiseguys Get Danys Baez

22. Bobcats Get Tony Womack and the Puppets' 2005 5th Round

Puppets Get Mike Sweeney

21. Nitehawks Get Michael Young, Sammy Sosa, Brian 'Tito' Fuentes and Jedi's 2005 3rd Round

Jedi Gets Keith Foulke, Brian Giles, Julio Lugo and the Nitehawks 2005 4th Round

20. Nitehawks Get Rocco Baldelli and Casey Fossum

Puppets Get Kelvim Escobar and Steve Reed

19. Nitehawks Get Roy Oswalt, Brad Lidge, Keith Foulke, Rheal Cormier and Eli Marrero

North Gets Mark Prior, Morgan Ensberg, the Nitehawks 2005 2nd Round and 2006 3rd Round

18. Jedi Gets Michael Young

Thunder Gets Luis Castillo

17. Jedi Gets Miquel Tejeda, Livan Hernandez and Mike Lincoln

Raptors Get Shannon Stewart, the Nitehawks 2005 1st Round and the Wiseguys 2005 1st Round

16. Jedi Gets Marcus Giles and the Wiseguys 2005 1st Round

Wiseguys Get Roy Halladay, Rafael Furcal and Dan Miceli

15. Bobcats Get Erubriel Durazo, Eric Bynes and Kevin Millwood

Polars Get the Bobcats 2005 1st Round

14. Hillsboro Gets Eric Milton, Jim Edmonds and David Ortiz

Polars Get Keith Ginter and the Mustangs 2005 1st Round

13. Paladins Get Jody Gerut

Polars Get Jerry Hairston Jr.

12. Bobcats Get Ryan Franklin and Mike Sweeney

Polars Get Brad Lidge

11. Jedi Gets Carlos Delgado and John Smoltz

Foxes Get Hee Sop Choi and Jedi's 2005 1st Round

10. Nitehawks Get Morgan Ensberg and the Foxes 2005 6th Round

Foxes Get Victor Zambrano and Parkside's 2005 3rd Round

9. Nitehawks Get John Thomson

Parkside Gets Bernie Williams

8. Zephyrs Get Deivi Cruz

Parkside Gets Alex Cora

7. Nitehawks Get Gary Matthews

Mustangs Get Dan Wilson

6. Crocs Get Brian Roberts and the Zephyrs 2005 2nd Round

Zephyrs Get Russell Branyan and the Croc's 2005 1st Round

5. Jedi Gets Barry Bonds, Otavio Dotel and the Zephyrs 2006 3rd Round

Zephyrs Get Carlos Beltran, David Riske, Aaron Boone and Doug Meintkiewicz and Jedi's 2006 1st Round

4. Nitehawks Get Mark Prior, Brandon Inge, Victor Zambrano, Jason Giambi, Cliff Floyd and Parkside's 2005 4th Round

Jedi Gets Jason Schmidt, Doug Mientkiewicz, Sammy Sosa and Nitehawks 2005 1st Round

3. Jedi Gets Victor Zambrano

Frankfort Gets the Outs 2005 4th Round

2. Bobcats Get Danny Bautista, Kenny 'The Gambler' Rogers  and the Foxes 2005 5th Round

Foxes Get the Bobcats 2005 2nd Round

1. Westside Gets Mark Spooky Mulder and Guilliermo not manny Mota

Jedi Gets Tom Glavine, Hee Sop Choi and Parker Brother I mean Milton Bradley

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