2006 trades


58) Parkside cuts Rheal Cormier

57) Raritan gets Jason Grabowski and the Apples' 2007 2nd and the Funk's 2007 2nd round picks

North gets Torii Hunter

56) New Castle gets Adam Everett, Damian Jackson and the Knights' 2007 6th round pick

Jedi gets Jacque Jones and Ricky Bottalico

55) Raritan gets Chien-Ming Wang and the Raptors' 2007 1st round pick

Frankfort gets Roger Clemens and the Thunder's 2007 5th round pick

54) Golden State gets Mike Redmond and the Paladins' 2007 7th round pick

Parkside gets Ramon Castro and the Bobcats' 2007 4th and 6th round picks

53) Crimea gets Russell Branyan and the Peaches' 2007 3rd round pick

Jedi gets Bll Mueller and the Crocs' 2007 5th round pick

52) Springfield gets Joe McEwing and the Knights' 2007 4th round pick

Jedi gets Damian Jackson and the Rifles' 2007 7th round pick

51) Westside reclaims Ron Mahay

50) Hillsboro gets Mike Edwards and the Apples' 2007 7th round pick

Carlsbad gets Jason Repko

49) Crimea gets Miguel Ojeda and the Funk's 2007 3rd round pick

Central Jersey gets Craig Counsell

48) Ninja gets Jose Offerman

Parkside gets Adam Bernero

47) Alaska gets Larry Walker

Devon gets Juan Castro and the Outs' 2007 3rd round pick

Jedi gets Abraham Nunez and Ramon Vazquez

46) Springfield gets Matt Holliday, Kevin Youkillis, Damian Jackson and Jorge Julio

Crimea gets Brandon Claussen, Josh Fogg, Luke Hudson and Mike Piazza

45) Parkside gets Mike Redmond

Westside gets the Nitehawks' 2007 4th round pick.

44) New Castle gets Jacque Jones

Parkside gets Rich Aurilia and the Nitehawks' 2007 4th round pick.

43) Alaska gets Jeff DaVannon and Aaron Guiel

North gets Yhency Brazoban and Jason Grabowski

42) Fairfield gets Jeremi Gonzalez and the Bucs' 2007 2nd and 6th round picks

Blacksburg gets Adam LaRoche

Post Draft Trades

41) Rhode Island gets the Puppets' 2007 6th round pick

Ninja gets the Zyphers' 2006 7th thru 12th round picks.

40) Alaska gets Rafael Palmeiro, Ugueth Urbina and the PitVipers' 5th round pick

Palo Hills gets Ray King, Will Ledezma, the Crocs' 2006 5th, the Outs' 2006 6th and 7th round picks.

39) Crimea gets Austin Kearns and Jamie Moyer

Carlsbad gets the Crocs' 2006 2nd and the Apples' 2006 5th round picks.

38) Westside gets the Outs' 2006 8th  round picks

Alaska gets Mike Hampton

37) Devon gets the Paladins' 2006 4th, the Zyphers' 2006 6th and the Thunder's 2006 6th round picks

Rhode Island gets Chris Gomez and the Motorheads' 2007 4th round pick

36) Devon gets the Bobcats' 2007 3rd round pick

Golden State gets Woody Williams

35) Devon gets the Paladins' 2006 1st, the Wiseguys' 2nd and the Raptors' 4th round picks

Crimea gets Todd Helton, Nomar Garciaparra and Armando Benitez

34) North gets the Outs' 2006 11th and 12th  round picks

Alaska gets Cal Eldred

FASA Results:

NCN    gets  Clint Barmes        CRC    gets WSW 2006 #2
HIL      gets Wes Helms           CAR    gets HIL 2006 #3
CRC    gets Ryan Klesko          CJF    gets CRC 2006 #3
LAN    gets Jose Castillo          CRC    gets LAN 2006 #3
CRC    gets Juan Cruz              ALA    gets CRC 2006 #5
FSR    gets Royce Clayton       CRC    gets FSR 2006 #4
RIB     gets J.T.Snow               CRC    gets GSB 2006 #6
CAR    gets Kiko Calero           CRC    gets CARL 2006 #5
NOR    gets Ryan Vogelsong    FSR    gets NOR 2006 #6
NDP    gets Chan Ho Park        JED    gets NDP 2006 #7
CRC    gets Ty Wigginton         FFF    gets CRC 2006 #7
ALA     gets Kevin Cash           NDP   gets RRT 2006 #9
WSW  gets Mike Redmond      CAR   gets WSW 2007 #3
CRC    gets Jorge Julio            WSW  gets CRC 2007 #3
CRC    gets Carl Everett            RIB    gets CRC 2007 #4
RRT    gets Doug Mientkiewicz  RIB    gets RRT 2006 #6
WSW  gets Robb Quinlin          HIL    gets WSW 2006 #6

33) Frankfort gets the Bobcats' 2007 5th round pick

Golden State gets Willie Bloomquist

32) Central Jersey gets Craig Biggio, Paul Konerko and the Knights' 2006 4th round pick

Jedi gets Vernon Wells, Rondell White and the Funk's 2006 1st round pick

31) Rhode Island gets Ryan Wagner, Chad Tracy, Esteban Yan and the Polers' 2007 3rd and 5th round picks

North gets Mark Belhorn and the 2007 2nd round picks from Carlsbad, Central Jersey, Frankfort, Jedi and Parkside

30) Macon gets Kris Benson and BJ Ryan

Jedi gets Billy Wagner, Juan Castro and the Peaches' 2007 3rd round pick

29) Devon gets Carlos Beltran, Zack Greinke and the Crocs' 2006 4th round pick

Jedi gets Paul Konerko, BJ Ryan and Jose Contreras

28) Frankfort gets the Bucs' 2006 2nd round pick

Rhode Island gets Miquel Olivo and the Raptors' 2007 2nd round pick

27) Blacksburg gets Shawn Chacon and the Zephyrs' 2006 5th round pick

Rhode Island gets Trot Nixon, John Olerud the Bucs' 2006 2nd round pick

26) Devon gets the Paladins' 2006 2nd and 2007 4th round picks

Parkside gets Jose Guillen and the Motorheads' 2007 6th round pick

25) New Castle gets the Knights' 2007 1st and the Raptors' 2006 2nd round picks

Jedi gets Cliff Floyd and Juan Encarnacion

24) Rhode Island gets Adam Kennedy and the Bobcats' 2006 6th round pick

Jedi gets David Riske and Adam Everett

23) Rhode Island gets Curt Schilling and the Apples' 2007 2nd round pick

Carlsbad gets the Zephrys' 2006 2nd and the Funk's 2006 2nd round picks

22) Rhode Island gets Jason Kendall, Tony Armas, Danny Kolb, Bobby Madritsch, Richard Hidalgo and the Knights' 2007 2nd round pick

Jedi gets Jason Varitek and the Crocs' 2006 4th round pick

21) Crimea gets Miguel Tejada, Marcus Giles and the Knights' 2006 2nd round pick

Jedi gets Mariano Rivera, Brian Roberts and Ken Griffey Jr.

20) Rhode Island gets Adam Everett and the Funk's 2006 and 2007 2nd round picks

Central Jersey gets Derek Lowe and Desi Relaford

19) Devon gets the Raptors' 2006 and the Thunder's 1st round picks

North gets Carols Zambrano and Lyle Overbay

18) Rhode Island gets Jimmy Rollins, Mike Maroth, Jarrod Washburn, Sean Burnett, Alex Cora and the Paladins' 2006 4th and 2007 2nd round picks

Parkside gets Adrian Beltre, Deivi Cruz, the Zeyphrs' 2006 1st and the Knights' 2006 1st round picks

17) Alaska gets Tom Gordon, Mark Grudzielanek and Eddie Guardado

Palos Hills gets Latroy Hawkins, Damaso Marte, Jose Vidro and Brad Wilkerson

16) Golden State gets Todd Walker, David Dellucci, Ramon Castro, Jose Valverde, Ryan Dempster

North gets the Raptors' 2006 1st and the Thunder's 2006 1st round picks.

15) Alaska gets Kenny Lofton

Juneau gets Corey Patterson and the Outs' 2006 9th round pick

14) Alaska gets Matt Lawton

Springfield gets Steve Finley and Luke Hudson

13) Golden State gets the Raptors 1st round pick

Frankfort gets Jose Molina and the Bobcats'  3rd round pick

12) Crimea gets Julian Taveras and Clint Barmes

Fairfield gets Bill Hall

11) Golden State gets Brendan Donnelly

Fairfield gets Todd Pratt

10) Macon gets the Nitehawks' 2nd round pick

Jedi gets Jae Seo

9) Frankfort gets Jason Schmidt

Jedi gets Adam Kennedy, Zach Greinke and the Raptors 2006 2nd round pick

8) Carlsbad gets Russ Adams and the Foxes' 5th round pick

Farifield gets Wily Mo Pena

7) Carlsbad gets Adam Eaton, the Bobcats' 2006 1st, the Zephyrs' 3rd and the Knights' 5th round picks

Jedi gets Craig Biggio, Russell Branyan, Larry Walker and Aaron Heilman

6) Golden State gets Brian Giles

Jedi gets Adam Eaton and the Bobcats' 2006 1st and 6th round picks

5) New Castle gets the Wiseguys' 2006 2nd and 4th round picks

Westside gets Brian Fuentes, David Weathers, Junior Spivey and the Knights 2006 3rd round pick

4) Alaska gets Jody Gerut

Palos Hills gets the Outs 2006 5th round pick

3) Alaska gets Gabe Gross and Cory Patterson

Westside gets Scott Eyre

2) Macon gets Victor Zambrano

Fairfield gets the Peaches 2006 3rd round pick

1) Golden State gets Mike Sweeney

Ninja gets Tomo Ohka and the Bobcats 2006 5th round pick

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