2007 trades


North cuts Javier Lopez and reclaims Jose Mesa

71) Springfield gets Kevin Millar and the Vipers' 2008 8th round pick

Palos Hills gets Julio Mateo

70) Jedi gets Ryan Theriot and the Nitehawks' 2008 1st round pick

New Castle gets Lyle Overbay and the Nitehawks' 2008 4th round pick

69) Jedi gets Chris B. Young, Andy Marte, Dustin Pedroia, Lyle Overbay, Brandon McCarthy and Mark Prior

North gets Ryan Zimmerman, Ben Sheets and James Loney, Tony Clark, Doug Mirabelli and Randy Flores

68) Ninja gets Luis Castillo

Raritan gets Todd Coffey and the Puppets' 2008 3rd round pick

67) Carlsbad gets Clint Barnes

New Castle gets Lew Ford and the Apples' 2008 5th round pick

66) Juneau gets Marcus Giles, Julian Tavarez and the Crocs' 2008 7th round pick

Crimea gets Craig Biggio and Duaner Sanchez

65) Fairfield gets Todd Wellemeyer and the Polers' 2008 5th round pick

North gets Ronny Cedeno and Mike Stanton

64) Frankfort gets Paul LoDuca

Parkside gets Todd Green and the Raptors' 2008 2nd round pick

63) Hillsboro gets Tim Corcoran

North gets Mark Bellhorn

62) Parkside gets Juan Uribe and the Wiseguys' 2008 7th round pick

Westside gets Jose Cruz Jr.

61) Parkside gets Sean Marshall

Devon gets Aaron Sele and the Paladins' 2008 4th round pick

60) Springfield gets Yuniesky Bentecourt, Jose Cantu and the Polers' 2008 3rd round pick

North gets Howie Kendrick

59) Jedi gets Tony Graffanino

Westside gets Scott Spezio

58) Devon gets Eli Marrero and the Thunders' 2008 3rd round pick

Raritan gets Pat Neshak

BCBL Post Draft Trades

57) Devon gets the Knights' 2008 7th round pick

Jedi gets the Motorheads' 2007 8th, 9th and 10th round picks

56) Devon gets the Thunders' 2008 6th round pick

Raritan gets the Motorheads' 2007 7th round pick

55) Crimea gets Ramon Castro, D'angelo Jimenez and Elmer Dessens

Parkside gets the Crocs' 2007 8th, 10th and 11th round picks

54) Crimea gets Damon Hollins

North gets the Crocs' 2007 9th round picks

53) Hillsboro gets Barry Zito

Parkside gets the Mustangs' 2007 1st and 2008 3rd round picks

52) Carlsbad gets the Polers' 2007 4th round pick

North gets the Apples' 2007 5th, 8th, 9th and the Bobcats' 2007 9th round picks

51) Jedi gets Oliver Perez and the Barrel

Rhode Island gets Mike Maroth and the Peaches' 2008 3rd

50) Devon gets the Thunders' 2007 4th, the Crocs' 2007 4th and Zyphers' 2007 5th round picks

Rhode Island gets Oliver Perez

49) Jedi gets Milton Bradley, Mike Maroth and the Crocs' 2007 2nd and the Zyphers' 2007 3rd round picks

Rhode Island gets Coco Crisp, Jason Varitek and Cliff Floyd

48) Hillsboro gets Pedro Feliz

New Castle gets Henry Blanco and the Mustangs' 2007 4th round pick

47) Devon gets the Motorheads' 2007 4th round pick

Rhode Island gets Matt Belisle

46) Rhode Island gets JD Drew and the Thunders' 2007 4th round pick

Raritan gets Scott Hatteburg, the Crocs' 2007 1st and the Zyphers' 2007 7th round picks

45) Frankfort gets Vernon Wells and Billy Wagner

Jedi gets Aaron Roward, Coco Crisp and the Raptors' 2008 1st round pick

44) Frankfort gets Shannon Stewart

Springfield gets the Raptors' 2007 5th round pick

43) Frankfort gets Aaron Guiel

Alaska gets the Raptors' 2007 6th round pick

42) Rhode Island gets Johnny Gomes, Hank Blalock and Dustin McGowan

Parkside gets Jeremy Burnitz, Jose Cruz, Richard Hildalgo, D'angelo Jimenez , Russ Ortiz and the Zyphers' 2007 2nd and 4th and the Peaches' 2007 3rd round picks

41) Springfield gets Carlos Silva and the Crocs' 2008 3rd round pick

Crimea gets Mike Lamb

40) Golden State gets Kiko Calero

Carlsbad gets the Crocs' 2007 6th, the Paladins' 2007 7th and the Bobcats' 2007 7th, 9th thru 12th round picks.

39) Carlsbad gets Jorge De La Rosa, Doug Waechtler, Lew Ford and the Mustangs' 2007 6th round pick

Hillsboro gets Bernie Williams to retire a Mustang where he started as a rookie.

38) Springfield gets the Menonites' 2008 7th round pick

Lancaster gets Steve Finley

37) Springfield gets Josh Fogg

Crimea gets Phil Nevin and the Crocs' 2008 8th round pick

36) Jedi gets the Bobcats' 2008 5th round pick

Golden State gets Mike Matheny

35) Central Jersey gets the Polers' 2007 6th round pick

North gets Chris Woodward and the Funks' 2007 8th round pick



34) Rhode Island gets Robinson Tejada

Central Jersey gets the Polers' 2007 3rd round pick
33) North gets Kaz Matsui

Carlsbad gets the Polers' 2008 4th round pick
32) Hillsboro gets Chad Gaudin

Carlsbad gets the Mustangs 2008 2nd round pick
31) Central Jersey gets Jose Valentin

North gets the Funks 2008 2nd
30) New Castle gets Jae Seo

Jedi gets the Nitehawks' 2008 4th round pick
29) Rhode Island gets Joe Borowski

Devon gets the Funks' 2007 3rd round pick
28) Fairfield gets Jaret Wright

 Devon gets the Foxes' 2007 5th round pick
27) Crimea River gets Mark Sweeney

Golden State gets the Crocs' 2007 6th round pick
26) Carlsbad gets Rodrigo Lopez

Raritan gets the Apples' 2007 6th round pick
25) Golden State gets Jorge Sosa

Hillsboro gets Bobcats' 2008 7th round pick
24)  Carlsbad gets Todd Williams

Springfield gets the Apples' 2008 7th round pick

23) Crimea River gets Vinnie Chulk

New Castle gets the Crocs' 2007 7th round pick
22) Westside gets Marlon Byrd

Crimea River gets the Wiseguys' 2008 6th round pick  

21) Central Jersey gets Chad Bradford and Mariano Rivera

Jedi gets the Funks'2008 1st round pick


20) Crimea gets Manny Ramirez, Curt Schilling and Tim Wakefield

Rhode Island gets Austin Kearns and Jeff Weaver and the Crocs' 1st and 2nd, the Peaches' 3rd and the Funks' 3rd 2007 round picks

19) Crimea gets Otsuka Akinora

Alaska getss Ben Broussard

18) Westside gets Ervin Santana and Ray Durham

Point Loma gets Jake Peavy and the Wiseguys' 2007 2nd, 7th and 2008 5th round picks

17) Point Loma gets Omedo Saenz

Carlsbad gets Andrew Sisco

16) Macon gets Jeff Suppan

Ninja gets the Peaches 2007 1st round pick

15) Macon gets Jay Payton, Matt LeCroy and the Zyphers' 2007 1st round pick

Jedi gets Tony Clark, the Apples' 2007 1st and the Peaches 2007 5th round picks

14) Golden State gets David Bell

Jedi gets the Bobcats' 2007 2nd round pick

13) Rhode Island gets Manny Ramirez, Derrick Turnbow and the Knights' 2008 4th

Jedi gets BY Kim, Jay Payton and the Zyphers' 2007 1st round pick

12) Crimea gets Jacque Jones and Mike Sweeney

Golden State gets Todd Helton and Neal Cotts

11) Macon gets Brian Roberts, Joe Crede and the Apples' 1st round pick

Jedi gets David Wright and the Peaches 2007 2nd and 2008 2nd and 3rd round picks

10) Ninja gets the Raptors' 2007 2nd round pick

Jedi gets Yadier Molina and Chad Bradford

9) Carlsbad gets the Wiseguys' and the Funks' 2007 1st round picks

Jedi gets the Apples' 2007 1st round pick

8) Golden State gets Tom Glavine, Jacque Jones and Rondell White

Jedi gets John Patterson and the BobCats' 2007 1st round pick

7) Point Loma gets Khalil Greene and the Crocs' 2007 5th round pick

Jedi gets Tim Hudson and Casey Kotmann

6) Frankfort gets Felipe Lopez and Abraham Nunez

Jedi gets Khalil Greene and Jose Lopez

5) Central Jersey gets Ken Griffery Jr, Bill Mueller, Carlos Delgado and Jose Contreras

Jedi gets Manny Ramirez, Mark Buehrle, Felipe Lopez and the Funks' 2007 1st round pick

4) Frankfort gets Todd Greene and the Rifles' 2007 7th round pick

Jedi gets Mike Matheny and the Raptors' 2007 2nd round pick

3) Devon gets the Nitehawks' 2007 1st and the Knights' 2007 1st round picks

New Castle gets Carlos Beltran

2) North gets Josh Beckett

Frankfort gets Morgan Ensberg and the Raptors' 2007 2nd round pick

1) Westside gets Pedro Martinez, Ichiro, Barry Bonds, John Smoltz, Juan Encarnacion and David Riske

Jed gets Nick Swisher, Joe Crede, Ben Sheets, G. Mota and the Wiseguys' 2007 1st round pick

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