2008 trades


85) Springfield cuts Horacio Ramirez and reclaim Jorge Julio

84) North gets Mark DeRosa

Stromboli gets Christian Guzman and Troy Percival and cuts Jason Vargas

83) Central Jersey gets Taylor Tankersley and the Puppets' 2009 4th round pick

Stromboli gets Joe Nathan

82) Alaska gets Braden Looper, Matt Herges amd Cliff Floyd

Central Jersey gets Scott Baker, Octavio Dotel and Gabe Gross

81) Raritan gets Casey Kotchmnan

Jedi gets Daric Barton

80) Alaska gets the Knights' 2009 7th round pick and reclaims Josh Paul

Jedi gets Jerry Hairston

79) Central Jersey gets Ronnie Belliard, Carlos Villanueva, Jason Schmidt and the Knights' 2009 6th round pick

Jedi gets Mariano Rivera, Carlos Delgado and Jose Valentin

78) Raritan gets Miguel Batista

Hillsboro gets Todd Coffey and the Thunders' 2009 4th round pick

77) Central Jersey gets Chad Cordero, Kip Wells and the Wiseguys' 2009 2nd and 6th round picks

Westside gets Randy Johnson and Ken Griffey Jr.

76) Jedi gets the Apples' 2009 7th round pick

Carlsbad gets Alex Cora

75) Springfield gets Jose Bautista and the Nitehawks' 2009 2nd round pick

New Castle gets Eric Byrnes

74) Hillsboro gets Hector Carrasco and the Bobcats' 2009 2nd round pick

Golden State gets Jose Guillen

73) Fairfield gets the Dutches' 2009 5th round pick

Pennsylvania gets Josh Barfield and cuts Ramon Ortiz

72) Jedi gets Raul Casanova

Westside gets Mark Henrickson

71) Jedi gets George Sherrill and Ehren Wassermann

Alaska gets Russ Springer and Ryan Franklin

70) Jedi gets Rajai Davis

Frankfort gets Jose Molina



69) Springfield gets the Crocs' 2009 5th round pick

Carlsbad gets the Dutches' 2008 7th, the Apples' 7th and the Rifles' 7th round picks

68) Westside gets the Outs' 2008 7th round pick

Crimea gets Juan Encarnacion

67) Westside gets the Apples' 2008 8th round pick

Carlsbad gets Ray Durham

66) Jedi gets the Zyphers' 2008 2nd round pick

Crimea gets Ryan Theriot

65) Frankfort gets Matt Morris

Point Loma gets the Knights' 2008 6th round pick

64) Jedi gets the Crocs' 2009 8th

Crimea gets the Dutchs' 2008 8th round pick

63) Raritan gets Mike Maroth

Rhode Island gets the Thunders' 2009 5th round pick

62) Crimea gets Zyphers' 2008 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th round picks

Rhode Island gets the Crocs' 2009 4th round pick

61) Jedi gets Alex Cora

Rhode Island gets the Puppets' 2009 5th round pick

60) Jedi gets the Raptor' 2009 7th and 8th round picks

Frankfort gets the Puppets' 2008 8th, 9th and 10th and the Outs' 10th round picks

59) Jedi gets the Dutchs' 2008 8th, the Puppets' 8th, 9th, 10th and the Outs' 2008 10th round picks

Stromboli gets the Knights' 2009 8th round pick

58) Jedi gets Jason Schmidt

Frankfort gets the Knights' 2008 10th round pick

57) Jedi gets Ichiro Suzuki and the Wiseguys' 2008 12th round pick

Westside gets Aaron Roward and the Funks' 2008 1st round pick

56) North gets the Peaches' 2008 3rd, the Funks' 2008 3rd, the Knights' 2008 4th and the Zyphers' 2008 4th round picks

Rhode Island gets Conor Jackson and the Polars' 2009 3rd round pick

55) Rhode Island gets Manny Ramirez and the Crocs' 2009 2nd round pick

Crimea gets the Knights' 2008 2nd and the Zyphers' 2008 2nd round picks

54) Central Jersey gets the Puppets' 2009 2nd round pick

Stromboli gets Francisco Rodriguez

53) Carlsbad gets the Crocs' 2009 5th round pick

Crimea gets Jason Michaels

52) Carlsbad gets the Funks' 2009 4th round pick

Central Jersey gets Esteban German

51) Jedi gets Luke Scott

Stromboli gets Marlon Byrd

50) Central Jersey gets Ramon Santiago and the Intuits' 2008 3rd and 4th and 2009 4th and 5th round picks

Juneau gets Jamey Carroll and the Funks' 2009 1st and 2nd round picks

49) Carlsbad gets the Crocs' 2008 4th round pick

Crimea gets Kyle Lohse

48) Frankfort gets the Outs' 2008 8th round pick

Alaska gets Darren Oliver

47) Crimea gets Chris Duffy

Stromboli gets the Bobcats' 2008 5th round pick

46) Jedi gets Jason Varitek, Rafael Soriano and Kazuo Matsui

Rhode Island gets Mark Prior, Jose Lopez and the Knights' 2008 2nd, the Peaches' 2008 3rd and the Knights' 2009 4th round picks

45) Central Jersey gets the Dutches' 2009 7th round pick

Pennsylvania gets Jose Contreas

44) Carlsbad gets the Outs' 2008 6th round pick

Alaska gets Chris Coste

43) Crimea gets Matt Wise and the Outs' 2008 7th round pick

Alaska gets Craig Biggio and Ryan Klesko



42) Point Loma gets Mike Cameron

Crimea gets the Surfs' 2008 3rd round pick

41) Central Jersey gets Cliff Floyd

Rhode Island gets the Funks' 2008 3rd round pick

40) Rhode Island gets Andy Marte

Jedi gets the Peaches' 2008 3rd round pick

39) North gets Mike Lamb

Crimea gets the Bobcats' 2008 3rd round pick

38) Central Jersey gets Jason Tyner

Stromboli gets the Funks' 2008 5th round pick

37) Golden State gets Nomar Garciaparra

Crimea gets the Bobcats' 2008 5th round pick

36) Crimea gets Dan Wheeler

Frankfort gets the Crocs' 2008 5th round pick

35) Point Loma gets Jason Giambi

West Side gets the Surfs' 2008 5th round pick

34) Crimea gets Brad Thompson

Stromboli gets the Wiseguys' 2008 6th round pick

33) North gets Ramon Castro

Crimea gets the Polars' 2008 6th round pick

32) North gets Damon Easley

Crimea gets the Polars' 2008 7th round pick

31) Carlsbad gets Juan Cruz

Crimea gets the Apples' 2008 6th round pick

30) Parkside gets Chad Paronto

Point Loma gets the Paladins' 2008 7th round pick

29) Crimea gets Jessie Crain

Alaska gets the Rifles' 2008 8th round pick

28) Alaska gets Freddie Bynum

Stromboli gets the Outs' 2008 10th round pick

27) Parkside gets Josh Johnson

Stromboli gets the Dutchs' 2008 8th round pick

26) North gets Reggie Sanders

Golden State gets the Polars' 2008 8th round pick


25) Macon gets the Surfs' 2008 1st round pick

Point Loma gets Andruw Jones

24) Jedi gets Ronnie Belliard and the Pupperts' 2009 5th round pick

Stromboli gets Matt Guerrier and Tyler Johnson

23) Pennsylvania gets Livan Hernandez

Point Loma gets the Knights' 2008 5th round pick

22) Jedi gets Jose Molina

Frankfort gets Tony Graffanino

21) Jedi gets Chris Young and Russ Springer

Palos Hills gets Chris B Young, Matt Clement, Brandon League and the Peaches' 2008 2nd round pick

20) Jedi gets the Bobcats' 2008 1st round  pick

Golden State gets Matt Treanor, Jamey Wright, Brad Lidge the Bobcats' 2008 5th and the Knights' 2008 8th round picks

19) Carlsbad gets Ervin Santana, Esteban German and the Wiseguys' 2008 1st and 2nd round  picks

Westside gets Ian Kinsler, Eric Gagne and the Apples' 2008 2nd round pick

18) Frankfort gets the Funks' 2008 4th and 2009 5th round  picks

Central Jersey gets Paul LoDuca

17) Frankfort gets the Paladins' 2009 3rd round  pick

Parkside gets Roger Clemens

16) Frankfort gets the Bobcats' 2009 3rd round  pick

Golden State gets Shannon Stewart

15) Raritan gets Jon Lester and Bobby Crosby

Parkside gets Orlando Cabrera

14) North gets Rafael Betancourt, Casey Janssen and Jeremy Accardo

Palos Hills gets Dave Borkowski, Randy Flores and the Polars' 2008 1st round pick

13) Hillsboro gets the Bobcats' 2008 4th round  pick

Golden State gets Wes Helms

12) North gets the Bobcats' 2008 3rd round  pick

Golden State gets Aaron Boone

11) Frankfort gets Carlos Quentin and John Patterson and the Knights' 2008 6th and 2009 5th round  picks

Jedi gets Billy Wagner, Manny Corpas and Carlos Villanueva

10) Devon gets the Apples' 2008 1st round  pick

Carlsbad gets JJ Hardy

9) North gets Macier Izturis and the Mustangs' 2008 2nd and the Polars' 4th round  pick

Carlsbad gets David DeJesus and the Funks' 2008 2nd and the Zyphers' 2008 3rd round picks

8) Juneau gets the Puppets' 2008 2nd and 4th round picks

Stromboli gets Gil Meche and Ron Mahay

7) Parkside gets the Ian Snell and the Mustangs' 2008 6th

Hillsboro gets Jose Guillen and Dimitri Young

6) Parkside gets the Dutchs' 2008 8th and 9th round picks

Pennsylvania gets the Wiseguys' 2008 7th and the Paladins' 9th round picks

5) Jedi gets Ryan Franklin and Tyler Johnson

Pennsylvania gets Byung-Hyun Kim and the Knights' 2008 5th and 9th round picks

4) Juneau gets Nick Punto

Pennsylvania gets Jason Marquis

3) Jedi gets David Ortiz

Hillsboro gets Nick Swisher and the Knights' 2008 3rd round pick

2) Jedi gets Magglio Ordonez, Mark Hendrickson, Matt Guerrier and Brad Lidge

New Castle gets Brandon Phillips, Brandon McCarthy, Steve Trachsel and the Nitehawks 2008 1st round pick

1) North gets Aaron Boone and the Zyphers' 2008 3rd round pick

Rhode Island gets Kaz Matsui and Ronny Cedeno

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