2009 trades

Post-Draft Trades


48) Parkside gets Aaron Boone and the Bobcats' 2010 2nd and 5th round picks

Golden State gets Garret Anderson and the Paladins' 2010 3rd round pick

47) Devon gets Reed Johnson and the Intuits' 2010 7th round pick

Juneau gets Brandon Lyon

46) Shaw Island gets the Puppets' 2010 4th round pick

Stromboli gets Greg Maddux

45) Devon gets Carlos Marmol

North gets Aaron Harang

44) Hillsboro gets Jason Kendall

Rhode Island gets Josh Anderson

43) Shaw Island gets Yovani Gallardo and the Motorheads' 2010 4th round pick

Devon gets Dice K

42) Springfield gets Austin Kearns

Rhode Island gets Glen Perkins

41) Pennsylvania gets Chris Gomez and the Zyphers' 2010 8th round pick

Rhode Island gets Livan Hernandez

40) Jedi gets Clint Barnes and Tony Gwynn

Rhode Island gets Jeff Karstens and Manny Corpas

39) Frankfort gets Frank Francisco

West Side gets Gerald Laird

38) Devon gets Brandon Looper and Russ Springer

Alaska gets Iwamura Akinori and the Motorheads' 2009 7th thru 12 round picks

37) Juneau gets the Raptors' 2009 7th round pick

Jedi gets Freddy Garcia

36) Crimea gets the Surfs' 2009 1st round pick

Point Loma gets Rick Ankiel

35) Crimea gets the Mustangs' 2009 7th round pick

Hillsboro gets the Crocs' 2010 6th round pick

34) Frankfort gets the Knights' 2009 3rd and the Raptors' 2009 8th round picks

Jedi gets Jose Molina and Ryan Church

33) Crimea gets Torii Hunter

North gets the Crocs' 2010 2nd round pick

32) Golden State gets the Crocs' 2009 8th and the Knights' 2009 9th - 12th round picks

Jedi gets the Bears' 2010 7th round pick

31) Rhode Island gets the Wiseguys' 2010 3rd round pick

Westside gets the Zyphers' 2009 5th, 6th, 7th, the Puppets' 2009 5th and the Hunters' 2009 5th round picks

30) Parkside gets Mark DeRosa, Rafael Perez and the Polars' 2009 4th round pick

North gets the Paladins' 2009 2nd, 7th, 8th and 2010 2nd round picks

29) New Castle gets Shane Victorino and Ichiro Suzuki

Jedi gets Carlos Beltran and Anibal Sanchez

28) New York gets Bobby Abreu, Ramon Castro and the Polars' 2009 2nd and 2010 5th round picks

North gets the Hunters' 2009 1st round pick

27) Carlsbad gets the Mustangs' 2009 1st round pick

Hillsboro gets the Polars' 2009 1st and the Motorheads' 2009 3rd round picks

26) Alaska gets the Mike Lamb

North gets the Mustangs' 2009 8th round pick

25) Hillsboro gets the Eagles' 2009 6th round pick

Maryland gets CJ Wilson

24) North gets Troy Tulowitzki and Mike Napoli

New York gets Ben Sheets, Ted Lilly and Jason Bartlett

23) Carlsbad gets the Motorheads' 2009 3rd round pick

Crimea gets the Funks' 2009 4th and the Apples' 2009 6th round picks

22) Alaska gets the Mustangs' 2009 8th, 9th and 10th round picks

Hillsboro gets Chris Burke

21) Farifield gets the Outs' 2009 7th round pick

Alaska gets Willy Mo Pena

20) Springfield gets Robinson Cano and the Eagles' 2010 2nd round pick

Maryland gets Shawn Marcum and Vincente Padilla

19) Westside gets Jhonny Gomes

Rhode Island gets Mark Hendrickson

18) Westside gets Joaquin Benoit

Maryland gets Ken Griffey, Jr.

17) Parkside gets Manny Ramirez, Manny Declarmen and the Crocs' 2009 4th and the Knights' 2009 4th round picks

Rhode Island gets Jeremy Hermida, Ian Snell, Shawn Hill and the Paladins' 2010 1st and 5th round picks

FASA Results

HIL gets Kevin Gregg

CRC gets HIL 2009 2nd


DEV gets Dan Wheeler

CRC gets DEV 2009 3rd


ALA gets Mark Kotsay

NOR gets ALA 2009 5th


HIL gets Jose Castillo

PEN gets HIL 2009 5th


CAR gets Justin Hampson and Dan Ortmeier

NCN gets CAR 2009 6th


CRC gets Steve Trachsel, Scott Proctor, Jason Ellison and Mike Rabello

NCN gets CRC 2009 7th


MGE gets Ryan Raburn

WSW gets MGE 2009 7th


ALA gets Tim Byrdak

NOR gets ALA 2009 8th


SDP gets Moises Alou

MGE gets SDP 2009 8th


CRC gets Joe Dillon

SDP gets CRC 2009 10th\


ALA gets Josh Bard

FFF gets ALA 2009 10th


ALA gets Shannon Stewart

GSB gets ALA 2009 12th


MGE gets Brian Wilson

NOR gets MGE 2010 3rd


GSB gets Dana Eveland

NOR gets GSB 2010 3rd


PEN gets Wes Littleton

WSW gets PEN 2010 7th


CRC gets Marlon Anderson

MGE gets CRC 2010 10th

16) Carlsbad gets the Polars' 2009 1st round pick

North gets Kyle Davies, Jo Jo Reyes and the Apples' 2009 2nd round pick

15) Westside gets Rajai Davis and Aaron Heilman

Jedi gets J.J. Putz

14) Central Jersey gets the Puppets' 2009 1st round pick

Jedi gets Derek Lowe

13) Fairfield gets the Eagles' 2009 3rd round pick

Maryland gets Ramon Hernandez

12) Westside gets Jon Garland

Golden State gets Derek Lee

11) Stromboli gets Tim Wakefield

Crimea gets David Murphy, Jason Bergmann, Jose Contreras and the Puppets' 2010 3rd round pick

10) Crimea gets Prince Fielder and the Sounders' 2009 5th round pick

Shaw Island gets Ramon Vasquez and the Crocs' 2009 1st round pick

9) Stromboli gets Magglio Ordonez, Kaz Matsui, Heath Bell and Billy Wagner

Jedi gets Nick Markakis and Jonathan Broxton

8) Westside gets Rickie Weeks, Alex Rios and Elijah Dukes

Devon gets Ian Kinsler, David Weathers and the Wiseguys' 2009 1st round pick

7) Carlsbad gets Mike Mussina

Crimea gets Jason Hammel and the Apples' 2009 5th round pick

6) Carlsbad gets Zack Greinke

Devon gets the Apples' 2009 1st round pick

5) Carlsbad gets Josh Johnson

Parkside gets Ray Durham and the Apples' 2009 4th round pick

4) Pennsylvania gets Daniel Cabrera and the Puppets' 2009 6th and 2010 1st round picks

Stromboli gets Ryan Dempster and Jose Contreras

3) Westside gets Cesar Izturis and Travis Buck

Stromboli gets Jermaine Dye

2) Jedi gets the Puppets' 2009 1st and 3rd round picks

Stromboli gets Carlos Delgado and Oliver Perez

1) Jedi gets Lance Berkman, Randy Johnson and the Wiseguys' 2009 5th round pick

Westside gets Billy Butler, Mark Buehrle, Jason Varitek and Luke Scott

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