2010 trades

Post-Draft Trades

40) Macon cuts Darrin Erstad

39) New York gets Geoff Blum

Juneau gets Adam Everett and the Hunters' 2011 6th round pick

38) Parkside gets Andruw Jones

Macon gets Luis Perdomo and the Paladins' 2011 8th round pick

37) Parkside gets Carlos Guillen and the Peaches' 2011 1st round pick

Macon gets Cody Ross and  the Paladins' 2011 7th round pick

36) Hillsboro gets Mitch Maier and Jose Valverde

Golden State gets Dan Murphy and Jose Veras

35) Devon gets Josh Fields and the Crocs' 2011 1st round pick

Crimea gets Jason Bay

34) Parkside gets Alex Cora and the Apples' 2011 1st and 5th round picks

Carlsbad gets Josh Hamilton

33) Macon gets Jermaine Dye and the Puppets' 2011 6th round pick

Stromboli gets the Peaches' 2011 2nd and 3rd round picks

32) Parkside gets Cesar Izturis and the Nitehawks' 2011 2nd round pick

New Castle gets Orlando Cabrera

31) Central Jersey gets Dan Wheeler and the Eagles' 2011 3rd round pick

Maryland gets Jake Fox

30) Hillsboro gets Michael Brantley and Ryan Madson

Jedi gets Chris Volstad, Frank Catalanotto and the Mustangs' 2011 4th round pick

29) New York gets Koyie Hill

Jedi gets Ben Sheets

28) Juneau gets Rick Porcello, Homer Bailey and Wesley Wright

Jedi gets Andrew McCutchen, Chris Davis and Jason Motte

27) Point Loma gets the Knights' 2010 4th round pick

Jedi gets Ryan Madson

26) New Castle gets Cesar Izturis, Mike Napoli, Tony Gwynn, Ross Ohlendorff and Craig Breslow

Jedi gets Brian Tallet, Brian Bass, Zack Duke, Dustin Moseley and the Nitehawks' 2010 3rd and 2011 1st round picks

25) Rhode Island gets the Bobcats' 2011 4th round pick

Golden State gets the Zyphers' 2010 5th, 6th, 7th and the Paladins' 2010 5th round picks

24) Golden State gets Milton Bradley and the Knights' 2010 8th round pick

Jedi gets the Bobcats' 2011 2nd round pick

23) Jedi gets the Dutchs' 2010 1st and the Puppets' 2010 1st round picks

Pennsylvania gets the Knights' 2010 1st and 6th and the Polars' 2010 1st round picks

22) Stromboli gets Ramon Vazquez

Shaw Island gets the Puppets' 2011 5th round pick

21) Pennsylvania gets Paul Maholm and the Rifles' 2010 2nd round pick

Springfield gets David Aardsma and Juan Rivera

20) Springfield gets Jorge Posada and Nick Johnson

Point Loma gets Mike Jacobs, Eric Hinske and the Rifles' 2010 1st and 4th round picks

19) North gets Manny Ramirez and the Paladins' 2011 5th round pick

Parkside gets the Polars' 2010 2nd and 4th, the Bobcats' 2010 3rd and the Polars' 2011 3rd round picks

18) Devon gets Tom Gorzelanny and the Apple's 1st round pick

Carlsbad gets Erick Aybar

17) Devon gets James Looney

Golden State gets Alberto Callaspo

16) Jedi gets the Zyphers' 2010 4th round pick

Rhode Island gets the Knights' 2010 3rd round pick

15) New York gets Adam Lind

Crimea gets Aramis Ramirez

14) Shaw Island gets Ryan Theriot

Crimea gets Aaron Laffy and the Motorheads' 2010 4th round pick

FASA Results

New York gets Heath Bell, K-Rod, & Francisco Cordero

Stromboli gets NYH 2010 1st and 2nd


Hillsboro gets Brandon McCarthy

New Castle gets HIL 2011 2nd


Springfield gets Armando Galarraga

Central Jersey gets SPR 2010 3rd


Hillsboro gets Rafael Betancourt

North gets HIL 2011 3rd


Springfield gets Bob Howry

North gets SPR 2010 4th (formally DEV 2010 4th)


North gets Oscar Salazar

Devon gets NOR 2011 4th


Maryland gets Jason Varitek

West Side gets MGE 2011 4th


Crimea River gets Travis Buck

West Side gets CRC 2010 5th


North gets Reed Johnson

Devon gets NOR 2011 5th


Springfield gets Pedro Feliciano

North gets SPR 2010 6th


Carlsbad gets Steve Pearce

West Side gets CRC 2010 8th


Crimea River gets Travis Hafner

Frankfort Square gets CRC 2010 7th


Shaw Island gets Mike Sweeney

Frankfort Square gets SIS 2010 7th


Crimea River gets Matt Harrison

West Side gets CRC 2011 7th


Springfield gets Dana Eveland

Golden State gets SPR 2010 9th


Springfield gets Zach Jackson

West Side gets SPR 2010 10th

13) Rhode Island gets Elijah Dukes

Westside gets the Zyphers' 2010 3rd round pick

12) Hillsboro gets Carlos Pena

Parkside gets the Mustangs' 2010 2nd and 5th round picks

11) Carlsbad gets Adrian Beltre

Parkside gets the Apples' 2010 3rd round pick

10) Jedi gets Mike Napoli, Ross Ohlendorf and the Polars' 2010 1st round pick

North gets Mariano Rivera, Jonathan Broxton and George Sherrill

9) Stromboli gets Carlos Zambrano

North gets the Crocs' 2010 2nd round pick

8) Alaska gets the Peaches' 2010 5th and 7th round picks

Macon gets Andruw Jones and Brian Moehler

7) Golden State gets Clayton Richard, Randy Johnson, Derek Lowe, Rafael Soriano, Gerald Laird, Ryan Chruch and the Knights' 2010 5th round pick

Jedi gets Brad Lidge and the Bobcats' 2010 1st round pick

6) Carlsbad gets Jason Giambi

Point Loma gets the Apples' 2010 5th round pick

5) Alaska gets Carlos Gonzalez, Jensen Lewis, Max Scherzer and the Polars' 2010 6th round pick

North gets Johnny Damon and Javier Vazquez

4) Carlsbad gets Joakim Soria and Mike Adams

Jedi gets Ervin Santana and the Apples' 2010 2nd round pick

3) West Side gets Chase Headley, Clint Barmes and Jerry Hairston

Jedi gets Alex Rios, Homer Bailey, Clayton Richard, Cesar Izturis and Gerald Laird

2) North gets Todd Helton

Golden State gets Kyle Davies and James Loney

1) North gets Joe Nathan and Matt Guerrier

Stromboli gets the Crocs' 2010 2nd and the Paladins' 2010 2nd round picks

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