2011 trades

Post-Draft Trades


40) Springfield gets Matt Tuiasosopo

Stromboli gets Oliver Perez

39) Springfield gets Nick Evans

Maryland gets David Aardsma

38) Devon gets Matt Thorton, Carlos Carrasco and Peter Bourjos

Raritan gets
Alexi Ramirez, Tom Gorzolanny and Trevor Crowe

37) Hillsboro gets Alex Rodriquez and Cole Gillespie

Alaska gets Jose Tabata and Kevin Frandsen

36) Parkside gets Rick Vandenhurk and the Kooks' 2012 3rd round pick

Cardiff gets Randy Wolf

35) Hillsboro gets Eric Aybar

Cardiff gets Jack Wilson and the Mustangs' 2012 2nd round pick

34) Rhode Island gets Dave Bush

Fairfield gets Robinson Tejeda

33) Maryland gets Matt Belisle and Casper Wells

North gets Dontrelle Willis and Alfredo Simon and the Eagles' 2012 2nd round pick.

32) Parkside gets Sean O'Sullivan

Point Loma gets the Apples' 2011 5th and the Paladins' 2011 9th and 10th round picks

31) Central Jersey gets the Outs' 2011 4th round pick

Alaska gets Emmanuel Burris and the Funks' 2011 4th round pick

30) Westside gets Miguel Tejeda

Crimea gets Cliff Pennington

29) Crimea gets Manny Ramirez

North gets the Crocs' 2012 2nd round pick

28) Rhode Island gets Todd Helton and Aaron Harang

North gets the Zyphers' 2011 4th thru 12th round picks

27) Parkside gets Tony Pena

New Castle gets the Apples' 2011 7th and the Polars' 2011 6th round picks

26) Parkside gets Ramon Troncoso

Frankfort gets the Apples' 2011 6th round pick

25) Jedi gets Paul Konerko and Johan Santana

Central Jersey gets Daric Barton and the Knights' 2011 2nd 2012 2nd and 4th round picks

24) Rhode Island gets Daisuke Matsuzaka

Devon gets Andy Marte and the Zyphers' 2011 3rd round pick

23) Jedi gets Curtis Granderson

Devon gets Anibal Sanchez and the Peaches' 2011 5th round pick

22) North gets the Bobcats' 2011 2nd the Paladins' 2011 4th and 2012 3rd round picks

Parkside gets the Polars' 2011 1st and 6th, the Paladins' 2011 5th and the Apples' 2011 6th and 7th round picks

21) Carlsbad gets Brent Myers and Jon Rauch

Parkside gets Randy Wolf and the Apples' 2011 2nd and 3rd, 2012 1st and the Polars' 2012 5th round picks

20) Crimea gets Kevin Correia

Springfield gets the Crocs' 2011 5th and the Peaches 2011 6th round picks

FA Draft Results

New Castle gets Wes Helms

Golden State gets NCN 2011 6th


Southern Maryland gets Ted Lilly

Raritan gets MGE 2011 2nd


Southern Maryland gets Alex Rios

Jedi gets MGE 2012 1st


Southern Maryland gets Lance Cormier

Carlsbad gets MGE 2012 5th


Macon gets Freddy Garcia & Dustin Moseley

Jedi gets MAC 2011 5th


Macon gets Jamie Moyer

Crimea River gets MAC 2011 6th


Springfield gets Oliver Perez

Stromboli gets SPR 2011 7th


Crimea River gets Joey Devine & JP Howell

Springfield gets CRC 2012 3rd


Crimea River gets Brian Tallet, Brian Bass, & Brad Ziegler

Jedi gets CRC 2011 4th

19) Carlsbad gets Reed Johnson

North gets the Apples' 2012 5th round pick

18) Crimea gets Carlos Ruiz

Devon gets Aramis Ramirez

17) Macon gets Todd Coffey

Alaska gets the Peaches' 2011 8th round pick

16) Macon gets Jeff Keppinger and Tim Byrdak

Alaska gets the Peaches' 2011 4th and 2012 5th round picks

15) Crimea gets Rich Harden and Scott Kazmir

Frankfort gets the Crocs' 2011 2nd round pick

14) Raritan gets Johnny Damon

North gets the Thunders' 2012 4th round pick

13) Parkside gets Ervin Santana and the Bobcats' 2011 2nd round pick

Jedi gets Rickey Romero

12) Raritan gets the Crocs' 2011 3rd round pick

Crimea gets K-Rod

11) North gets Felipe Paulino and the Apples' 2011 6th - 9th round picks

Carlsbad gets the Mustangs' 2011 3rd and the Polars' 2012 5th round picks

10) Stromboli gets Julio Lugo

Alaska gets the Puppets' 2011 7th round pick

9) Raritan gets Brandon Webb and Rich Hill

Alaska gets the Thunders' 2011 4th round pick

8) Parkside gets Pedro Feliz

Hillsboro gets the Paladins' 2011 6th round pick

7) Jedi gets Carlos Zambrano and Cristan Guzman

Stromboli gets Chris Volstad and the Knights' 2011 5th round pick

6) Jedi gets Mariano Rivera

North gets Jason Motte and the Knights' 2011 3rd round pick

5) Jedi gets Billy Wagner

Stromboli gets Zach Duke and the Knights' 2011 4th round pick

4) Alaska gets the Bobcats' 2011 3rd round pick

Golden State gets Ryan Ludwick and the Outs' 2011 10th round pick

3) Golden State gets Jhonny Gomes and Matt Guerrier

North gets Aaron Hill

2) Golden State gets Marco Scutato

Pennsylvania gets Kyle Davies

1) Alaska gets Chris Davis and the Knights' 2011 6th round pick

Jedi gets Brad Ziegler, Ryan Franklin and Darren Oliver

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