2012 trades

Post-Draft Trades

44) Jedi gets JD Martinez and the Funks' 2013 1st round pick

Central Jersey gets Lance Berkman and the Knights' 2013 3rd round pick

43) North gets Jason Jason Bartlett

Raritan gets Dontrelle Willis and the Polars' 2013 5th round pick

42) Cardiff gets Andruw Jones

Parkside gets Matt Tolbert and the Kooks' 2013 4th round pick

41) Golden State gets Todd Helton

Rhode Island gets Josh Harrison and the Bobcats' 2013 3rd round pick

40) Raritan gets David Ross

Parkside gets Pedro Beato and the Thunders' 2013 5th round pick

39) Rhode Island gets Ryan Adams, Fernando Martinez and Charlie Blackmon and the Kooks' 2013 1st round pick

Cardiff gets Emilio Bonifacio, Glen Perkins and Jerry Hairston

38) Golden State gets Jose Tabata

Alaska gets Jimmy Paredes

37) Fairfield gets Aunery Rodriguez and the Polars' 2013 4th round pick

North gets Franklin Gutierrez


36) Hillsboro gets the Wiseguys' 2012 2nd round pick

Westside gets Jarrod Saltalamacchia

35) Maryland gets the Zyphers' 2012 2nd round pick

North gets the Eagles' 2013 1st round pick

34) Westside gets the Polars' the the Paladins' 2012 3rd and the Puppets' 2012 3rd and the Rifles' 2012 3rd round picks

North gets the Wiseguys' 2013 2nd and the Mustangs' 2013 2nd round picks

33) Westside gets Ramon Hermandez

Alaska gets Matt Treanor and the Wiseguys' 2012 4th round pick

32) Maryland gets AJ Pierzynski and the Outs' 2012 8th round pick

Alaska gets Ramon Hernandez and Travis Snider

31) New Castle gets Allen Craig, Chris Davis and Wade LeBlanc

Alaska gets AJ Piercynski and the Nitehawks' 2012 6th round pick

2012 Free Agent Silent Auction Results

North gets Brett Anderson

Michigan gets NOR 2012 2nd (#20)


Golden State gets Lou Marson & Brayan Pena

Alaska gets GSB 2012 4th (#6)


New Castle gets Mark Kotsay

Alaska gets NCN 2012 7th (#16)


Golden State gets Barry Zito

Hillsboro gets GSB 2012 7th (#6)


Hillsboro gets Alberto Gonzalez

Central Jersey gets HIL 2012 12th (#11)


Maryland gets Eric Hinske

Point Loma gets MGE 2013 5th


Michigan gets Randy Wells

Central Jersey gets MICH 2012 7th (#18)


Springfield gets Casey Janssen

North gets SPR 2012 3rd (#19)


Carlsbad gets Fernando Martinez

Jedi gets Jed 2012 3rd (#22)


Central Jersey gets Travs Hafner

Point Loma gets CJF 2013 2nd

30) Rhode Island gets Alfredo Aceves and the Blizzards' 2012 2nd round pick

North gets the Zyphers' 2012 2nd round pick

29) Cardiff gets the Nitehawks' 2012 2nd round pick

New Castle gets Brett Myers

28) Sons of Sidd gets Matt LaPorta and the Puppets' 2012 7th thru 10th round picks

Stromboli gets the Finchs' 2012 3rd round pick

27) Point Loma gets the Puppets' 2013 3rd round pick

Stromboli gets Matt Downs

26) Cardiff gets Matt Gamel

Stromboli gets Reed Johnson

26) Cardiff gets Sergio Romo

Jedi gets Carlos Gomez

25) New Castle gets Shelly Duncan

Point Loma gets the Nitehawks' 2012 4th round pick

24) Macon gets Michael Cuddyer, AJ Burnett, Roger Bernadina and Xavier Paul

Alaska gets Adam Dunn and the Peaches' 2012 2nd round pick

23) New Castle gets Joel Peralta

Jedi gets Tony Gwynn Jr. and the Nitehawks' 2012 3rd round pick

22) Point Loma gets Matt Latos, Roy Oswalt, Carlos Zambrano and the Puppets' 2012 1st and the Eagles' 2012 1st round picks

Jedi gets Adrian Gonzalez, Cole Hamels, Jonny Venters and Kameron Loe

21) Jedi gets Paul Janish

New Castle gets Wilson Valdez

20) Michigan gets David Ortiz, Mike Pelfrey and the Knights' 2013 1st round pick

Jedi gets Jason Masterson and the Eagles' 2012 1st round pick

19) Central Jersey gets the Knights' 2012 1st round pick

Jedi gets Drew Storen and Wilson Betemit

18) Hillsboro gets Jarrod Saltalamachia and the Nitehawks' 2012 5th round pick

Jedi gets Sergio Romo and the Mustangs' 2013 5th round pick

17) Hillsboro gets Jason Vargas

Westside gets Ryan Spilborgs and the Mustangs' 2013 2nd round pick

16) Michigan gets Kevin Kouzmanoff

New Castle gets Jason Hammel

15) Michigan gets JJ Putz and the Nitehawks' 2012 1st and the Eagles' 2012 1st round picks

Jedi gets Prince Fielder and Jarrod Saltalamacchia

14) New Castle gets Elvis Andrus and the Knights' 2013 2nd round pick

Jedi gets Roy Oswalt, Wilson Valdez and the Nitehawks' 2012 1st and 5th and 2013 1st Round picks

13) Stromboli gets Paul Konerko, Jair Jurrjens, Chris Young and Brad (I'm a piece of crap) Lidge

Jedi gets Josh Beckett and Will Rhymes

12) Hillsboro gets Ervin Santana and Russell Martin

Parkside gets David Ross, Ryan Madson and the Mustangs' 2012 1st and 4th round picks

11) Stromboli gets Gaby Sanchez

Raritan gets Franklin Morales, Ryan Dempster and the Puppets' 2012 5th and 2013 2nd round pick

10) Golden State gets Robert Andino and the Foxes' 2012 1st round pick

Jedi gets Jair Jurrjens

9) Cardiff gets the Knights' 2012 3rd round pick

Jedi gets Jason Giambi

8) Fairfield gets Danny Espinosa and the Knights' 2012 5th round pick

Jedi gets Robert Andino, Joe Smith and the Foxes' 2012 1st Round pick

7) Golden State gets Matt Garza and Wade Davis

Parkside gets Derek Lowe, Andres Torres and the Bobcats' 2012 1st round pick

6) Stromboli gets Kerry Wood

Raritan gets Chris Volstad

5) Stromboli gets Orlando Cabrera

New Castle gets the Puppets' 2012 6th Round pick

4) Stromboli gets Josh Beckett, Javier Vazquez, Jason Motte and Aaron Hill

North gets Dayan Viciedo and the Puppets' 2012 3rd, 4th and 2013 1st Round picks

3) Stromboli gets Henry Rodriquez

Alaska gets Julio Borbon

2) Stromboli gets Chris Carpenter

Raritan gets the Puppets' 2012 2nd Round pick

1) Stromboli gets Andrew McCuthen, Nick Markakis, Carlos Santana and Brent Lillibridge

Jedi gets Buster Posey and the Puppets' 2012 1st Round pick

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