2013 trades



Post-Draft Trades/Adds/Drops

60) Hillsboro drops Jose Constanza and adds Brian Bixler

59) Springfield adds Ben Francisco

58) Stromboli gets Fernando Rodney and the Thunders' 2014 6th round pick

Raritan gets Bobby Parnell and the Puppets' 2014 3rd and 5th round picks

57) Golden State gets Scott Podsednik

Springfield gets the Bobcats' 2014 5th round pick

56) Alaska drops Randy Wolf and adds Matt Reynolds

55) Point Loma drops Javier Lopez and Orlando Hudson and adds Alberto Cabrera and Kila Ka'aihue

54) Raritan drops Ben Francisco and adds Russ Canzler

53) Golden State drops Miles Mikolas and adds Jeff Baker

52) Hillsboro drops Edgmer Escalona and adds Sam Freeman

51) Jedi drops Jason Giambi and adds Paul Janish

50) Gas City drops Mike Dunn and Adam Ottavino and adds Josh Edgim

49) Raritan drops Chase D'Arnaud and Guillermo Moscoso and adds Ryan Flaherty and Shawn Kelly

48) Parkside adds Trayvon Robinson

47) Jedi gets Kelly Johnson

Cardiff gets the Knights' 2014 5th round pick

46) Cardiff gets Marwin Gonzalez

Parkside gets the Kooks' 2014 4th round pick

45) Cardiff gets Delmon Young and Cesar Ramos

New Castle gets Alex Gonzalez, Sam Deduno and the Kooks' 2014 2nd round pick

44) Jedi gets Jake McGee

Alaska gets Matt Adams

43) Springfield gets Tom Milone, Andy Dirks, AJ Ellis and the Eagles' 2014 1st round pick

Maryland gets R.A. Dickey, WandyRodriquez and Dioner Navarro

42) Raritan gets Steve Pearce

Fairfield gets Bret Lillibridge

41) Springfield gets the Flames' 2014 2nd round pick

Gas City gets Chris Capuano

40) Pennsylvania gets the Knights' 2013 3rd and the Flames' 2013 4th and 2014 5th round picks

Gas City gets Drew Stubbs and the Dutchs' 2013 6th round pick

39) River City gets the Kooks' 2013 2nd round pick

Gas City gets Seth Smith

38) Jedi gets the Nitehawks' 2013 2nd and the Flames' 2013 3rd round picks

Gas City gets JD Martinez

37) Stromboli gets the Knights' 2013 6th, 7th and 8th round picks

Jedi gets the Puppets' 2014 6th round pick

36) Stromboli gets the Wiseguys' 2013 5th round pick

Westside gets Casey Kotchman

35) Cardiff gets Adam Kennedy

Rhode Island gets the Kooks' 2014 5th round pick

34) Cardiff gets Shane Victorino

New Castle gets the Kooks' 2014 1st round pick

33) Hillsboro gets the Polars' 2013 8th, 9th and 10th round picks

North gets the Mustangs' 2014 6th round pick

32) Stromboli gets the Thunders' 2013 8th round pick

Raritan gets Guillermo Moscoso

31) Parkside gets Jason Motte and the Thunders' 2013 1st and 2014 3rd round picks

Raritan gets Pedro Alvarez and Michael Saunders

30) Alaska gets Ryan Roberts

Gas City gets Jordan Schafer

29) Parkside gets Rafael Furcal

Westside gets Jose Arredondo

28) Parkside gets the Wiseguys' 2013 3rd round pick

Westside gets Justin Smoak

2013 Free Agent Silent Auction Results

27) New Castle gets Travis Snider & Delmon Young

Alaska gets the Knights' 2013 2nd round pick

26) Pennsylvania gets Mitch Moreland

North gets the Dutches' 2013 3rd round pick 

25) North gets George Kottaras

Golden State gets the Polers' 2013 6th round pick

24) North gets Nick Hundley

Point Loma gets NOR 2014 6th

23) Michigan gets Mark Teixeira

Frankfort gets the Blizzards' 2013 1st round pick

22) Michigan gets Jonathan Broxton

North gets the Blizzards' 2013 4th round pick

21) Cardiff gets Kyle Blanks

Point Loma gets the Kooks 2014 7th round pick

20) New Castle gets Alexi Casilla

Michigan gets the Nitehawks' 2013 4th round pick

19) Michigan gets Brett Hayes

Point Loma gets the Blizzards' 2014 8th round pick

18) Cardiff gets Gaby Sanchez

Stromboli gets Kooks 2013 5th round pick

17) Cardiff gets Gerardo Parra

Parkside gets Kooks' 2013 3rd round pick

16) Maryland gets Hector Noesi

Michigan gets the Eagles' 2014 3rd round pick

15) Gas City gets Ichiro Suzuki and the Nitehawks' 2013 2nd round pick

New Castle gets Dexter Fowler

14) Gas City gets Hanley Ramirez and Paul Konerko

Raritan gets Paul Goldschmidt and Octavio Dotel

13) Cardiff gets Jonathon Niese, Lance Berkman, Tyler Greene

Gas City gets Philip Humber and the Kooks' 2013 2nd round pick

12) Westside gets Brandon Beachy

Gas City gets Mike Aviles

11) Fairfield gets the Peaches' 2013 3rd round pick

Macon gets Jhonny Peralta

10) Alaska gets the Thunders' 2013 6th round pick

Raritan gets Brandon Inge and the Outs' 2013 8th round pick

9) River City gets Ryan Zimmerman

North gets Ben Zobrist

8) Stromboli gets Alex Rodriquez

Hillsboro gets the Puppets' 2013 5th and 2014 2nd round picks

7) Jedi gets Miguel Cabrera

Westside gets Yadier Molina and Curtis Granderson

6) Jedi gets B.J. Upton and Joe Nathan

North gets Adrian Gonzalez

5) Jedi gets Kyle Lohse, David Ortiz, JJ Putz and the Knights' 2013 1st round pick

Michigan gets Justin Masterson, Carlos Gomez, Ricky Romero and the Nitehawks' 2013 1st round pick

4) Stromboli gets Ryan Dempster

Houston gets the Puppets' 2013 4th and 2014 1st round picks

3) Stromboli gets the Bobcats' 2013 4th round pick

Golden State gets James Loney

2) Stromboli gets Adam Dunn

Alaska gets Chris Volstad and Delmon Young

1) Stromboli gets Nick Markakis, Jake Westbrook and David Hernandez

Raritan gets Dan Uggla, Jonathon Papelbon and Jason Motte

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