2014 trades


55) Gas City drops Fernando Salas and David Purcey and claims Matt Lindstrom and Barry Zito

54) Hillsboro drops Sam Freeman and claims Ramon Troncoso

53) Springfield drops Evan Scribner and claims JoshThole

52) North drops Jose Alvarez and claims Kirk Nieuwenhuis

51) Michigan drops Matt Harrison and claims Jamey Carroll

50) Golden State gets Chris Johnson

Parkside gets Eduardo Escobar and the Bobcats' 2015 1st round pick

49) Point Loma drops Matt Lindstrom and claims Rob Wooten

48) Raritan drops Mike Baxter and claims Robert Andino

47) Raritan gets Scott Van Slyke and the Thunders' 2015 4th round pick

Rhode Island gets Dan Uggla

46) Raritan gets Starling Marte and the Zyphers' 2015 7th round pick

Rhode Island gets James Shields and the Thunders' 2015 4th round pick


45) Cardiff gets Kelly Johnson and the Knights' 2014 4th round pick

Jedi gets Glen Perkins

44) Cardiff gets the Intuits' 2014 5th round pick

Juneau gets Michael Young

43) River City gets the Bobcats' 2014 2nd round pick

Golden State gets Ricky Nolasco

42) Alaska gets Mike Moustakas

Maxwell gets Anthony Rizzo

41) Gas City gets the Surfs' 2014 6th, 8th and the Blizzards' 2014 8th  round picks

Point Loma gets Randy Choate

40) Stromboli gets Drew Storen

Jedi gets Antonio Bastardo

39) Hillsboro gets Shane Victorino and the Knights 2014 5th round pick

Cardiff gets the Puppets 2014 2nd and the Mustangs' 2015 2nd round picks

38) Gas City gets Pablo Sandoval

Rhode Island gets Jeanmar Gomez and the Polars' 2014 1st  round pick

37) Gas City gets Tyler Chatwood and the Paladins' 2015 5th round pick

Parkside gets the Flames' 2015 2nd  round pick


36) Golden State gets Nick Hundley

North gets the Bobcats' 2015 5th  round pick

35) Gas City gets Brian Roberts & Gaby Sanchez

Cardiff gets the Flames' 2015 3rd  round pick

34) Gas City gets Sam Fuld

Hillsboro gets Flames' 2015 9th  round pick

33) Alaska gets Ronny Cedeno

Rhode Island gets the Outs' 2014 9th (9.3) round pick

32) Hillsboro gets Eric Chavez

River City gets HIL 2014 5th (5.11) round pick

31) North gets Hanley Ramirez

Gas City gets the Polars' 2014 1st (1.23) round pick

30) North gets Joaquin Benoit

Westside gets the Polars' 2015 2nd round pick

29) North gets Louis Coleman

New Castle gets the Polars' 2014 5th (5.23) round pick

28) Springfield gets Hunter Pence

River City gets the Flames' 2014 2nd (2.1)  round pick

27) Macon gets Edwin Encarnacion

Cardiff gets the Peaches' 2014 2nd (2.4) & 2015 1st round picks

26) Michigan gets Alfredo Simon

North gets the Blizzards' 2015 4th round pick

25) Maryland gets Bud Norris

Point Loma gets Eagles' 2015 2nd  round pick

24) Maryland gets J.A. Happ

North gets the Eagles' 2015 5th  round pick

23) Cardiff gets Tyler Colvin

Rhode Island gets the Kooks' 2014 8th (8.18) round pick

 22) Rhode Island gets Chris Carter

Alaska gets the Knights' 2014 2nd (2.24) round pick


21) Rhode Island gets BJ Upton and the Knights' 2014 and 2015 2nd round picks.

Jedi gets Coco Crisp and Bartolo 'im fat but still sexy' Colon

20) Springfield gets the Flames' 2014 1st and 2015 1st round picks.

Gas City gets the Rifles' 2014 and 2015 1st and Eagles' 2014 1st round picks.

19) Parkside gets the Flames' 2014 3rd round pick.

Gas City gets Ian Kennedy

18) Cardiff gets the Bobcats' 2014 1st round pick.

Golden State gets JJ Hardy

17) Cardiff gets Brett Lawrie and Brett Anderson

North gets Clay Buchholz

16) Cardiff gets Michael Young and the Kooks' 2014 1st and 2nd round picks.

New Castle gets Adrian Beltre, Jorge De La Rosa, Sergio Romo and Nate McLouth

15) Springfield gets Drew Smyly, Jerry Mejia and the Polars' 2015 1st round pick and 2014 2nd round pick.

North gets Matt Holiday and Casey Janssen

14) West Side gets Pedro Florimon and the Blizzards'' 3rd round pick

Michigan gets Victor Martinez

13) West Side gets Wei-Yin Chen

North gets Chris Denorfia

12) Pennsylvania gets Troy Patton

Point Loma gets the Dutchs' 2014 5th round pick

11) Pennsylvania gets the Paladins' 2015 6th round pick

Parkside gets the Dutchs' 2014 6th thru 8th round picks

10) Pennsylvania gets Al Albuquerque and the Mustangs' 2014 2nd round pick

Jedi gets Luke Hochevar and Mark Melancon

9) Point Loma gets Mitch Moreland

Pennsylvania gets the Surfs' 2014 3rd round pick

8) Michigan gets Howie Kendrick and Denard Span

North gets Mark Ellis and Carlos Gomez

7) Point Loma gets the Knights' 2014 6th round pick

Jedi gets Pete Kozma

6) Jedi gets Jesus Montero, Donnie Murphy and the Mustangs' 2014 2nd round pick

Hillsboro gets Adeiny Hechavarria, JJ (everyone needs a) Putz and Mariano (retiring a Mustang) Rivera.

5) Springfield gets Matt Kemp and Dayan Viciedo

North gets Jose Bautista and Ryan Webb

4) Point Loma gets Pete Kozma and the Knights' 2014 3rd round pick

Jedi gets Adeiny Hechavarria

3) Stromboli gets Josh Beckett, Jake McGee and the Knights' 2014 1st round pick

Jedi gets Marlon Byrd and Koji Uehara

2) New Castle gets Carlos Santana

Houston gets the Nitehawks' 2014 1st round pick

1) Pennsylvania gets Jean Segura

North gets Josh Donaldson

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