2015 trades


Post-Draft Trades


56) New Castle drops Anthony Swarzak and claims Tyler Holt

55) Raritan drops Ryan Wheeler and claims Carlos Oviedo

54) Raritan gets Nick Punto and the Nitehawks' 2016 7th round pick

New Castle gets Travis Wood

53) North gets Jacoby Ellsbury and the Knights' 2016 3rd round pick and claims Michael Tonkin

Rhode Island gets Clay Bucholtz, Chris Denorfia and the Thunders' 2016 1st round pick and drops Eric Stults

52) Raritan gets Chase Headley

Westside gets Jeff Rutledge and the Thunders' 2016 2nd round pick

51) Stromboli gets Nelson Cruz

Westside gets Nick Markakis and the Puppets' 2016 2nd round pick

50) Springfield drops Pedro Florimon and claims Chris Valaika

49) Raritan gets Brett Gardner

Springfield gets Pedro Alvarez and the Thunders' 2016 3rd round pick

48) Raritan gets Josh Rutledge

Rhode Island gets John Jaso

47) Jedi gets Francisco Cervelli, Chris Young and the Mustangs' 2016 5th round pick

Hillsboro gets Marlon Byrd and Chris Stewart

46) Maryland claims Travis Ishikawa

45) Jedi gets Adainy Hechevarria and Brad Boxberger

Maryland gets Jose Reyes

44) Alaska gets Chris Valaika drops Chris Valaika and claims Nick Admad

Raritan gets Allen Craig drops Allen Craig and claims Ryan Wheeler

43) Springfield claims Pedro Florimon

42) Garden State drops Jamey Wright and claims Kirby Yates

41) Springfield gets the Barons' 2016 1st round pick

Houston gets Dellin Betances

40) Hillsboro gets Ryan Pressly

Maryland gets Dan Descalso

39) Stromboli gets Scott Van Slyke

Raritan gets Tony Cingrani and the Puppets' 2016 4th round pick

38) Alaska gets Allen Craig

Raritan gets Chris Valaika

37) Jedi gets Jedd Gyorko and Juan Lagares

Raritan gets Carlos Beltran and Dustin Pedroia

36) Cardiff drops Cesar Hernandez and claims Trevor May

35) Jedi gets Ed Lucas

Alaska gets Jesus Montero and the Knights' 2016 6th round pick

34) Michigan gets the Surfs' 2016 4th and 5th round picks

Point Loma gets Carlos Ruiz

33) Jedi gets Joe Panik and the Zyphers' 2016 5th round pick

Rhode Island gets Luke Hochever and the Knights' 2016 2nd round pick

32) Jedi gets Rafael Montero

Garden State gets Daniel Nava

31) Jedi gets Josh Harrison and Matt Wieters

Rhode Island gets Aaron Sanchez, Koji Uehara and the Knights' 2016 3rd round pick

30) Hillsboro gets the Intuits'' 2015 5th - 10th round picks

Juneau gets the Mustangs' 2016 4th round pick

29) Cardiff gets the Bobcats' 2015 5th round pick

North gets the Thunders' 2015 6th and the Kooks' 2015 7th thru 10th round picks

28) Point Loma gets David DeJesus

Cardiff gets the Thunders' 2015 6th round pick

27) Raritan gets Ryan Vogelsong

Cardiff gets the Thunders' 2015 5th and 2016 6th round picks

26) Westside gets Mitch Moreland & John Axford and the Surfs' 2015 8th round pick

Point Loma gets the Wiseguys' 2015 7th and 8th round picks

25) Parkside gets Scott Atchison & La Troy Hawkins

Lake Michigan gets the Paladins' 2016 5th and 7th round picks

24) Raritan gets the Kooks' 2015 5th round pick

Cardiff gets Mike Saunders

23) Point Loma gets Josh Reddick

Cardiff gets Cameron Maybin and the Surfs' 2016 2nd round pick

22) Maryland gets Ichiro Suzuki

Lake Michigan gets the Eagles' 2016 4th round pick

21) Parkside gets Drew Stubbs

Lake Michigan gets the Paladins' 2015 4th round pick

20) Point Loma gets Juan Uribe and the Buccaneers' 2016 7th round pick

Blacksburg gets the Surfs' 2015 3rd round pick

19) Pennsylvania gets the Polars' 2016 5th round pick

Hillsboro gets the Dutches' 2015 7th and the Paladins' 6th round picks

18) Cardiff gets the Nitehawks' 2015 2nd round pick

New Castle gets  Jon Niese and Dale Thayer

17) Cardiff gets the Mustangs' 2015 1st round pick

Hillsboro gets  JD Martinez

16) North gets Graig Gentry

Michigan gets Casey Janssen

15) Pennsylvania gets Roberto Hernandez

Michigan gets the Dutches' 2015 6th round pick

14) Stromboli gets Josh Willingham

Raritan gets the Puppets' 2015 7th round pick

13) North gets the Thunders' 2016 1st round pick

Raritan gets the Eagles' 2015 2nd and the Polars' 2016 3rd round picks

12) North gets Evereth Cabrera

Raritan gets Kirk Nieuwenhuis

FASA Results

Golden State gets Marwin Gonzalez

Cardiff gets GSB 2016 3rd


Stromboli gets Mark Buehrle

Westside gets SDP 2016 3rd


Stromboli gets Rickie Weeks

Westside gets SDP 2016 5th


Michigan gets Will Middlebrooks

Point Loma gets MBL 2015 2nd (2.17)


Michigan gets Jordan Lyles

Point Loma gets MBL 2016 2nd


Michigan gets Miguel Montero

Cardiff gets MBL 2016 4th


Pennsylvania gets Justin Smoak

Westside gets PEN 2015 8th (8.12)


North gets Dan Straily

Hillsboro gets NOR 2016 5th


Pennsylvania gets Ryan Howard

Cardiff gets PEN 2015 5th (5.12)


Raritan gets Allen Craig

New Castle gets RRT 2015 4th (4.16)


Westside gets Emilio Bonifacio

Cardiff gets WSW 2015 4th (4.3)


Jedi gets Curtis Granderson

Westside gets JED 2015 3rd (3.23)


North gets Tim Stauffer

Alaska gets NOR 2015 6th (6.24)


New Castle gets Justin Masterson

Michigan gets NCN 2015 5th (5.13)


11) Point Loma gets the Thunders' 2015 6th and 7th round picks

Raritan gets Evereth Cabrera and Brandon Kintzler

10) Stromboli gets Matt Cain

Raritan gets the Puppets' 2015 4th round pick

9) Hillsboro gets Trevor Plouffe and the Paladins' 2016 4th round pick

Parkside gets Danny Farquar and the Mustangs' 2015 3rd round pick

8) Stromboli gets Adrian Gonzalez

North gets the Puppets' 2015 2nd round pick

7) Stromboli gets Buster Posey

Jedi gets Brian McCann and the Puppets' 2015 1st round pick

6) North gets Ryan Braun and the Knights' 2016 1st round pick

Jedi gets Hanley Ramirez, Matt Holiday and Yusmiero Petit

5) North gets Jason Kipnis, Will Venable and the Eagles' 2015 2nd round pick

Point Loma gets Jose Bautista, Joaquin Benoit and the Blizzards' 4th round pick

4) North gets the Nitehawks' 2015 1st round pick

New Castle gets Carlos Gomez

3) North gets Gerrit Cole

Houston gets Josh Donaldson

2) North gets the Eagles' 2015 1st round pick

Maryland gets Ben Zobrist and Sean Doolittle

1) Hillsboro gets Hector Rondon and the Eagles' 2015 6th round pick

Maryland gets Adeiny Hechavarria

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