2016 trades




35) Fairfield gets Preston Tucker

Springfield gets Jose Iglesias and the Foxes' 2017 6th round pick

34) Hillsboro drops Jonathan Herrera and claims Clint Barmes

33) North drops Felix Doubront and claims Enny Romero

32) Hillsboro drops Shane Robinson and claims Max Muncy

31) Raritan drops Fernando Abad and claims Fernando Rodney

30) Alaska gets Yimi Garcia

Raritan gets Cory Spangenberg

29) Garden State gets Joe Mauer and Francisco Lindor

North gets Corey Seager and Felix Doubront

28) Point Loma gets the Kooks' 2016 6th, 7th, 8th and the Thunders' 2016 6th round picks

Cardiff gets the Surfs' 2017 5th round pick

27) Westside gets Tyler Flowers and the Outs' 2016 fifth round pick

Alaska gets the Wiseguys' 2016 third round pick

26) Jedi gets John Lackey and James Shields and the Zeyphers' 2016 3rd round pick

Rhode Island gets Jedd Gyorko, Hanley Ramirez and Brian McCann

25) Stromboli gets Gordon Beckham and Ryan Howard and the Dutches' 2016 6th-8th round picks

Pennsylvania gets the Puppets' 2017 5th round pick

24) Lake Michigan gets the Nitehawks' 2017 6th round pick

Parkside gets Ryan Raburn

23) Raritan gets the Kooks' 2016 5th round pick

Pennsylvania gets the Thunders' 2017 4th round pick


FASA Results

22) Raritan gets Denard Span

Michigan gets RRT 2016 5th (5.13) 

21) Michigan gets Rajai Davis

Westside gets MBL 2017 4th

20) Macon gets Kelly Johnson

North gets MAC 2017 5th

19) Macon gets Chris Denorfia

Rhode Island gets MAC 2017 7th  

18) Pennsylvania gets Mike Zunino

Michigan gets PEN 2016 5th (5.9)

17) Hillsboro gets Yusimero Petit

Jedi gets PKS 2016 4th (4.21)

16) North gets Tommy La Stella

Hillsboro gets NOR 2016 9th (9.2)

15) Alaska gets John Jaso

Rhode Island gets ALA 2017 6th

14) Southern Maryland gets Marco Estrada

West Side gets MGE 2016 2nd (2.15)

13) Parkside gets Brad Ziegler

Michigan gets PKS 2016 3rd (3.21)

12) Alaska gets Chris Johnson

Garden State gets ALA 2016 9th (9.12)

11) Stromboli gets Carter Capps

North gets SDP 2017 3rd

10) Alaska gets Package #5 (Bonifacio, Chacin, Lake, Rutledge, Taylor)

Westside gets ALA 2016 12th (12.12)


9) Hillsboro gets Brett Anderson, Point Lomas' 2016 2nd round and the Kooks' 2016 4th round pick

Cardiff gets the Mustangs' 2016 1st round pick

8) Hillsboro gets Jered Weaver and Brett Gardner

Raritan gets Ben Revere

7) Parkside gets Mike Napoli and the New Castles' 2017 6th round pick

New Castle gets the Paladins' 2017 4th round pick

6) Parkside gets Adam Lind and Shawn Kelley

Raritan gets Tyson Ross and the Paladins' 2017 5th round pick

5) Blacksburg gets the Mustangs' 2017 4th round pick

Hillsboro gets Chase Utley

4) North gets Madison Bumgrner

Raritan gets Drew Pomeranz, the Polars' 2016 2nd, the Puppets' 2016 1st and the Knights' 2016 3rd round picks

3) North gets the Kooks' 2016 1st round pick

Cardiff gets Matt Harvey and the Knights' 2016 1st round pick

2) North gets Oswaldo Arcia and the Paladins' 2017 1st round pick

Parkside gets Ryan Braun, Ryan Webb and the Polars' 2017 3rd round pick

1) Lake Michigan gets the Puppets' 2017 1st round pick

Stromboli gets Daniel Murphy

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