2017 trades


In Season Trades


39) Raritan gets Joaquin Benoit

Point Loma gets Jeff Mathis and the Thunders' 2018 6th round pick.


38) Stromboli drops Adam Liberatore and claims Matt Cain

37) Cardiff drops Brett Lawie and claims Eric Fryer

36) Springfield drops Charlie Culberson and claims Andrew Chafin

35) North gets Jake McGee

Stromboli gets Tommy LaStella

34) Raritan drops Javier Lopez and claims Luke Hochevar

33) Springfield gets Derek Dietrich the Kooks' 2018 4th round pick

Cardiff gets Drew Smyly

32) Jedi drops Rafael Montero and claims Hank Conger

31) Raritan drops Ryan Vogelsong and claims Tyler Holt

30) Blacksburg gets Alexei Ramirez

Stromboli gets Will Smith

29) Rhode Island gets Ryan Braun, Shawn Kelly the Paladins' 2018 6th round pick

Parkside gets Curtis Granderson and the Riles' 2017 1st round pick

28) Rhode Island gets the Riles' 2017 1st and 2018 5th round picks

Springfield gets Aaron Sanchez and the Zephyrs' 2018 4th round pick

27) Hillsboro gets the Bucs' 2018 5th round pick

Blacksburg gets Jered Weaver

26) Cardiff gets the Mustangs' 2018 2nd round pick

Hillsboro gets David Phelps and the Kooks' 2018 5th round pick

25) Cardiff gets Kyle Gibson and Tommy Milone

Springfield gets Robbie Ross

24) Cardiff gets the Eagles' 2018 2nd round pick

Maryland gets Cameron Maybin and the Kooks' 2017 6th round pick

23) Pennsylvania gets the Mustangs' 2018 4th round pick

Hillsboro gets Yordano Ventura and the Dutches' 2017 6th and 8th round picks

22) North gets the Mustangs' 2017 6th - 10th round picks

Hillsboro gets the Polars' 2017 5th round pick

21) Westside (Don Castelluccio) gets the Riles' 2017 3rd round pick

Springfield gets Nick Markakis

20) Westside (Don Castelluccio) gets the Thunders' 2018 4th round pick

Raritan gets Edison Volquez

19) Westside (Don Castelluccio) gets Miggy Cabrera

Jedi gets Billy Hamilton and Jeff Samardzija

18) Westside (Don Castelluccio) gets Wade Davis and the Bobcats' 2017 4th round pick

Garden State gets Ivan Nova

17) Raritan gets Drew Storen

Stromboli gets Fernando Rodney

16) Hillsboro gets Chris Carter and the Zeyphers' 2017 6th - 10th round picks

Rhode Island gets Pedro Baez and Luis Avilan

15) Lake Michigan gets the Puppets' 2018 5th and 6th round picks

Stromboli gets Fernando Salas

14) Raritan gets Mike Fiers, Justin Grimm and the Puppets' 2017 4th round pick

Stromboli gets Drew Pomeranz

13) Springfield gets Kyle Hendriks and the Bobcats' 2018 6th round pick

Garden State gets Yasmany Tomas, Hector Santiago and the Rifles' 2017 8th and 2018 1st round picks


2017 Free Agent Silent Auction Results
Macon receives Scott Kazmir
Pennsylvania receives MAC 2017 4
th (4.5)

Golden State receives AJ Piersynski
Southern MD receives GSB 2017 8
th (8.4)

Hillsboro receives Alcides Escobar
Alaska receives HIL 2017 2
nd (2.15)

Hillsboro receives Matt Holliday
Jedi receives HIL 2017 3
rd (3.15)

Hillsboro receives Seth Smith
Lake Michigan receives HIL 2018 3

Pennsylvania receives Michael Dunn
New Castle receives PEN 2017 7
th (7.12)

Lake Michigan receives Carlos Gomez
New Castle receives LML 2017 3
rd (3.1)

Lake Michigan receives Wade Miley
Springfield receives LML 2017 5
th (5.1)

Lake Michigan receives Adam Morgan
Golden State receives LML 2017 7
th (7.1)

North receives Mikie Mahtook
Hillsboro receives NOR 2017 8
th (8.2)

North receives Garrett Richards & Trevor Gott
Michigan receives NOR 2018 2nd

North receives Brandon Guyer & Mark Teixeira
Michigan receives NOR 2017 3
rd (3.22)

12) Rhode Island gets Curtis Granderson, Chris B Young, Ryn Madson and Antonio Bastardo

Jedi gets Yasiel Puig, Melvin Upton and the Zephyers' 2017 2nd and 4th round picks

11) Maryland gets Cole Hamels, Joe Panik and the Knights' 2018 5th round pick

Jedi gets Jose Reyes, Glen Perkins and the Eagles' 2017 1st round pick

10) Stromboli gets Sean Rodriguez, Josh Harrison, Jake Diekman and the Knights' 2017 6th round pick

Jedi gets Andrew McCutchen, Anibal Sanchez and the Puppets' 2018 1st round pick

9) Rhode Island gets John Lacky, David Ortiz, Francisco Cervelli, Mark Melancon, Bartelo Colon and the Knights' 2017 5th round pick

Jedi gets Kyle Schwarber, Joey Gallo, Trevor Bauer, Clay Buchholz and the Zephers' 2017 1st and 3rd round picks

8) Michigan gets the Knights' 2017 2nd and 4th round picks

Jedi gets Jeurys Familia and Sean Rodriguez

7) Fairfield gets the Puppets' 2017 2nd and 2018 4th round picks

Stromboli gets Marcus Semiens

6) Alaska gets Alex Rodriguez

Stromboli gets Chris Johnson

5) Hillsboro gets the Kooks' 2017 1st round pick (from Maryland-trade 4)

Maryland gets David Robertson and the Mustangs' 2017 1st round pick

4) North gets the Eagles' 2017 1st round pick

Maryland gets Troy Tulowitski and the Kooks' 2017 1st round pick (from North-trade 3)

3) North gets the Kooks' 2017 1st round pick

Cardiff gets David Phelps, Robbie Ross, Michael Lorenzen, the Paladins' 2017 1st (from North-2016 trade) and the Polars' 2017 2nd round picks

2) Lake Michigan gets the Puppets' 2018 2nd and 3rd round picks

Stromboli gets Ian Kennedy and Colby Lewis

1) Springfield gets the Inuits' 2017 3rd round pick

Juneau gets Scooter Gennett


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