Another....about Jed! by the Fine Mr. R. Michal


Six, seven, eight years ago or however long ago it was when Jed first entered the league.... The draft was being held in New Jersey, at Elly's. I think that Bob Michal was commish at the time. Elly, Bob C, Bob Michal, I, Steve, and maybe Jon Michal were in Elly's basement, waiting for the other league members to arrive. It must have been Thursday nite, right after we'd arrived in town. Bob C said he had someone who'd like to join the league, and it happened to be Jed.


As I type this, perhaps it wasn't Thursday nite, perhaps it was the actual draft Saturday, because I remember Jed clopping down Elly's basement stairs and saying hello to everyone. So "the Kid" starts talking baseball, and he goes on and on nonstop. At first I was impressed and so was Bob Michal (because we've talked about this event afterward, many times!). But then Jed kept talking without coming up for air. It's like he was recounting the career of every MLB player since the day Jed realized consciousness in the world. He'd say, "Let me tell you about Frank Pastore, who came up with a lot of promise to the Reds in '79...." From there he went on to talk about Greg Luzinski, the '89 Royals, the managing techniques of Whitey Herzog, the new ballparks being built, etc. In any event, he finally left after what, to us listening, seemed to be the Bataan Death March.


Afterward, we all agreed he'd be good for the league because no one would take advantage of him with his depth of baseball knowledge. BUT LITTLE DID WE REALIZE WHAT WE UNLEASHED ON THE LEAGUE!!! ;-)