Memorable Moments in Parrot History by Frank McIlvaine


Sometimes people miss their calling in life. In our league that is

certainly true. Bob Gallagher should have been a creative artist of some

sort, instead of a dentist <although Dennis traveled to Pittsburgh from New

Jersey to have Bob fix his teeth and he claimed that Bob was an artist as a

dentist>. In the early years of the draft Bob would finance his draft

weekend by making different things for the league members. He made team

buttons, team beer mugs, team statues, paintings... all kinds of things.

They were very artistic and well done. For example in the team beer mugs

you didn't just get a generic beer mug with the teams painted logo on it

<although that is cool by itself> but Bob would reshape the mug and have a

raised area on it that had something to do with your team. I also have a

few paintings that Bob did for me, and they are very well done <my favorite

has the Foxes converging for a fly ball in the outfield and includes

current Foxes manager Robin Yount>. This has been hanging in my baseball

room for 20 years now and I have always treasured it.


Well anyway one year Bob created a custom baseball hat for himself. Today,

you would use a computer to create a team logo that one of the custom logo

shops could convert into a stitched baseball cap. This is worth doing by

itself. However, Bob is allot more talented than that and took it to the

next step. He was running the Pittsburgh Parrots and he decided to make

himself a cap worth making. He took a green cap and was going to modify it

so that it looked like a Parrot head. He added some eyes and an enormous

beak on the hat. A big yellow beak. It was very well done, but a little

over the top... OK, a lot over the top. Fortunately, or unfortunately

depending upon your point of view, we had our resident art critic Bob

Beardsley also in attendance he took one look at the cap and declared it

the "pecker hat". It was clearly the high point of that draft. I remember

the draft as being allot of fun and successful, but it was the most

memorable moment.