Rebuttal to Another….About Jed – by The Kid


Of course there is a brief addendum as well to this story -- about a week after the draft I got seriously ill and was rushed to the hospital to have emergency stomach surgery. Of course no one knew this and everyone was trying to get in touch with me to no avail!  Well after much complaining “Mr. Courter recanted to me how he received many threatening phone calls to the affect of -- who the heck was this guy anyway he seemed so pumped up and now he's gone.”. To defend me Bob told everyone that I was in fact a CIA agent and was in the middle of a covert operation to overthrow Castro and get El Duque to come to the USA before his 40th birthday (which as I recall was in 1995!)


Anyway somehow Lee Smout managed to get my phone number in my hospital room and make a trade with me while under the affects of serious dosages of Demerol! The trade - Brett Butler and Ismael Valdez for Tim Worrell and some other putz that never played again!  The powers that be shrieked in anger -- egads claimed then commish 'young' bob -- we've let in yet another chatty nice guy to become chum for the sharks!  But what you all didn't know was that a mere eight years later Tim Worrell would still be going strong and that other player? Well none other than Damien Easley who went on to have some find seasons despite his pr fielding range! And where is Brett Butler today? Well that's the full skinny on that one!