The 85-86 BCBL Draft – by the Fine Mr. R. Michal


Here's another....


Back in '85-'86 we had the draft in Chicago, and I hosted it in my small condo unit. There must have been 12 of us there, including Dave Thaxter, who passed away recently. This was in the midst of Alaska Outs domination in the NL West division, where the team had won five straight crowns starting in '83.


My 1st round pick in the draft that year (either '85 or '86) was Joel Hesketh, a pitcher who I thought was destined for greatness but whose career was sidetracked by arm injury. After the draft and after the out-of-towners had gone home on Sunday, remaining at my condo with me were Bob Michal and Lary Wesley. Bob had the Devon Motorheads and Lary had the Pottsylvania Muggers, both teams being woefully awful and well under .500 in those days. Their prospects for the coming season were equally bleak. This was in the day when we still rolled dice and kept score by hand. I challenged Bob and Lary to an exhibition game. I would start Hesketh and they could combine their teams to form one lineup and bench to take on Hesketh. So we set about on that task. I can't remember exactly who was on the Outs back then, but probably Dale Murphy, Jack Clark, Rickey Henderson, Ryne Sandberg and Cal Ripken. In other words, a darn good club. Players on the Motorheads and Muggers at that time, well, it's anyone's guess. In any event, we started the game and the Outs scored early and scored again and again. Meanwhile, the innings were clicking by for the Bob/Lary squad without a hit. Hesketh had walked some hitters but didn't allow a hit. The game ended with Hesketh throwing a no-hit shutout. The look on Bob and Lary’s faces was one of disbelief.


I should point out that neither Bob nor Lary have ever been short of confidence when it comes to baseball knowledge. But for that one moment both of them were speechless. I even took out a Polaroid camera and took a photo of the game's scoresheet. That photo still exists somewhere, proof that the game actually was played (unfortunately, the image is very cloudy and the fact is you can't tell a think from looking at it). I also have, somewhere, some photos from that draft, where we're all collected together for a group shot of Dennis, Jon Michal, Dave Thaxter, Bob Beardsley, Lary, Bob Madiar, Bob Michal, Frank McIlvaine and others. My, how much younger and thinner we all looked!