The almost perfect game by Bob Courter

Mine was back in 1990 or 91 when we were still using Replay cards to play the games. My team then was the Marlboro Cubs and it was a disaster of a team. I believe I gave up a first round pick to get the pitcher Mike Morgan. At the time he was a starter and he had a lot of starts which the Cubs desperately needed. Anyway, there was a game which I played Head to Head with Bob Tierney who then managed the Hokey Eagles. We worked together in the same group and hid away in a conference room over lunch to play our series.

Well Mike Morgan was my starter and for 9 innings he had a "Perfect game", I really mean Perfect. Well the Cubs were so inept we had not scored a run. I tried everything, I even tried Sac bunting and stealing. In those days it was a lot harder to Sacrifice or steal. Well I let Mike start the 10th and what happens the first guy Ozzie Smith hits and Inside the Park Home run and then he retires the side. I don't score in the 10th and lose the game 1 - 0. What a way to lose a Perfect Game.