More Memorable Moments in Parrot History by the Fine Mr. R. Michal


I'd like to add my compliments to Dr Bob for his artistic ability. Years and years

ago, I had an artist friend of mine develop a logo for the Outs, based on an idea

I had. The logo was an Eskimo swinging a baseball bat (which today is probably un-PC)

with the words Alaska Outs arcing over like a rainbow. It looked great. In the days

when we rolled the dice and used cards to play the games, we had to send out hard-copy

playing instructions to our road opponents----that's right, we depended on the U.S.

mail. On my instructions, I had that logo up at the top so that the whole league

could see it. One year out of the blue at one of the conventions, Dr Bob presented

me a porcelain beer mug that he had made with the yellow-&-black Alaska Outs

logo on it. I still have that mug sitting on my desk at home, and I can't conceive

ever getting a better baseball gift from anyone.


Another time, Dr Bob gave me a painting of an Alaska Outs player at the plate. I

still have that one too in my baseball room. I always cringe a bit when I sit back

and look at it, however. Not because it's bad art, but because the player is adorned

in his yellow-&-black uniform, looking like a Pittsburgh Pirate from the late

1970s. Fact is, I couldn't stand those uniforms of the Bucs in those days, with

their funny looking pillbox caps. So, how did the Outs get stuck with black-&-yellow

to begin with? That in itself is another story......


Way back in the old days before the explosion of computer use, I was leafing through

one of those airline magazines while sitting on an airplane. An ad in the magazine

caught my eye. It said I could have my message printed on a baseball cap. I thought,

What a great idea, and I couldn't wait to send in to get an Alaska Outs baseball

cap. So when I got home, I sent in my money for a cap, with the instructions that

it should be red-white-&-blue (because the Outs were America's team!) and it

should say Alaska Outs on it. I also ordered a cap for my brother Jon's team, the

Chicago Orphans, in some other color combination. I couldn't wait for my package

to arrive. Finally it came, and I raced inside my house and ripped open the envelope......only

to reveal that both caps were yellow, with simple white block lettering over the

bill with Alaska Outs on one and Chicago Orphans on the other. I'd been had! But

anyway, the Outs marketing department regrouped and changed our team colors from

red-white-&-blue to yellow-&-black, and so a la Pittsburgh Pirates. To this

day the Outs have remained in yellow-&-black, but a lot more restrained than

what the Bucs wore in the late '70s!