Team streaks for 2003


With the conclusion to the BCBL season there are some team and manager streaks that were either broken or extended towards BCBL records.


There are 2 teams that extended their years with winning records to 5. Bob Michal’s Motorheads, and Elly Kaufman’s Mustangs have continued their winning ways. The BCBL record is 9 years held by the Rolling Thunder and the Motorheads.


There are three teams that have had losing records for at least 5 years. Greg Covert’s Raptors and Bob Courter’s Devils have extended their years with a losing record to 5. Frank Castelluccio’s Wiseguys have extended their streak to 6 years. None of these teams is close to the BCBL record which is 11 years.


Dan Kaufman streak of 4 straight years in the playoffs is getting very close to a BCBL record. Only Rick and Bob Michael had longer streaks, each manager made the playoffs an outstanding 5 times in a row.


Jed Latkin, by not making the World Series this year, stopped his streak of consecutive World Series appearances at 3. Jed had tied the record held by Frank McIlvaine’s Foxes and Bob Michal’s Motorheads. Of course, Jed had switched teams in the spring, basically voluntarily giving up his shot at the record.


Another long streak was broken this year. Rick Michael’s Alaska Outs had their 1st losing season since 1991!


However, the longest and greatest tradition in the BCBL is once again intact. The Chicago Orphan/Fairfield Fox franchise was able to extend its streak to 25 years of team existence without a playoff appearance <it wasn’t close either>. Maybe next year.